Deflation Before Inflation? How will Bitcoin React in regards to upcoming Recession?

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I anticipated 2020 to be a big year, however, what i didn't expect is that situation can easily escalate and go in the completely wrong direction.


Like what an actual fuck, Corona virus, followed by chain split, earthquake, Quantitative Easing, crypto crash, stock market is continuesly experiencing hard times sustaining the price and retaining the trust of the investors.

And the biggest problem is that we have yet to encounter the deadliest threat which is silently sitting in the corner waiting to emerge.

Just think about it, its not a puzzle.

Governments are starting with a practice of printing money out of thin air, utilizing the quantitative easing theory which basically means that in order to print money one does not require any backup value upon which it currency will extract value, thus hurting the economy on a long run.

Consequentlly, dollar ended up being considered as a safe heaven asset , while "slowly "increasing" in value in regards to other currencies.

Such behaviour leads toward deflation as more and more investors are actually holding its savings , believing its value will continue on rising.

People will stop spending and buying, especially luxury cars, houses, planes and all the expensive stuff - Waiting for a better opportunity.

Going further, if there is no spending there is no economy. The most relevant indicator is FED basically cutting interest rates to around 0.1%.

Now, when the corona virus fade away, people will be thrilled to be able to go out and have fun. Those who saved their money will start spending like crazy, the economy will seemingly preform better, until the inflation hits.

Just imagine how much money is needed to fund the whole country with 2k dollars per month.
Hmmm, on the other hand big Corporations and Banks are in need as well, liquidity crisis seems inevitable, corporation income is starting to shrink and it would be unethical not to help them as well, right?

No to racism! LOL

On a further note, it is worth emphasizing that those who support UBI are eithet ignorant, uninformed or have other motives.

Printing money to stimualte unemployement is a way to go. Clap clap.

To be honest i haven't read is there anything specific in regards to being eligable to participate, but it seems UBI is gaining more and more support from governments on the West.

Once the economy collapse they will blame it on "we were trying to help those in need"...

How will Bitcoin behave during a recession and will prove if worthy in times of crisis?

Bitcoin was born in the dark!

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