BEE Token Continues to Go Up .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 35

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Sorry for being late almost 2 hours with this week's payments, but I had some personal things to do... It's not a few days late, so I think we are OK :)

I hope that some of you guys and girls recognized that BEE token's TOP price and sold some earnings from this pool... If not, don't worry, I think we will have more chances to do so in the future...

I had to quote this paragraph from the last week as it happened exactly as I said... We saw another new top for the BEE token yesterday, so you HAD another chance to exchange some (if you are not accumulating them)...

The good news is that the WORKERBEE tokens didn't went through roof, but they are still a bit expensive... At least from my point of view...

This week we have mined 48 BEE tokens which isn't a record, which is almost the same as last week... I suppose that that is the REAL number what we should mine in a week...

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This week we didn't get new members in the pool, but we did get new delegations from existing members... Same as last week! Thanks for your trust!!!

This POOL doesn't have fees and you actually get up to 20% MORE by delegating to it!


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What about the bonus?
It's time to distribute a bit of my favorite Hive-Engine token... LEO... I know that I repeat myself saying always the same that the LEO token is one of the most undervalued tokens on H-E, but it's true... This week, I will distribute 50 LEO tokens among delegators as a bonus for your loyalty and trust! Thanks!


As always, in the end, let's give the exact numbers for this week... We have mined 49 BEE tokens and distributed 50 LEO tokens as a bonus... The APY (without the bonus) was 15.944%, and when we have added the bonus it went up to 19.149%...

I have calculated the ROI approximately with medium prices for all tokens (except WORKERBEE tokens as the supply is very low and price spread is too big) at the moment of creating this post... So, those numbers are valid if you bought and sold tokens at the current prices (most of you bought them for much lower price)...

Do you want to sponsor the PH-Pool with your tokens, receive a short SPONSORED segment in this post and raise awareness about your front-end or dApp? Please let me know in the comment section, or contact me through Discord or Twitter and we will find the best solution for both parties...

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If you want to join the WorkerBee PH-Pool, the only thing that you have to do is to DELEGATE your WORKERBEE tokens to THIS account (@ph1102) and that's it! Every week you will get the portion of mined BEE tokens and BONUS rewards!

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All payments will be made after publishing this post...

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section!

You can find more about this pool in the initial post here

Thank you for your time,


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If you want to support my witness, you can do it by voting for @ph1102.ctp here, or just scan the QR code down below...


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