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Mid September has arrived and passed,
we are still holding together.
Hack, HF, paused system
this community is determined to drive forward.
I was over on discord and
you can see everyone cannot wait to go back
to what they like the most,
interact with each other and give the best

Hive hard fork is behind us.
We Still had to wait for the replay all over the nodes
and witnesses to be on par.
Trying to access hiveblocks,
but cannot at this time. still accessible but
through another browser. Hey time to learn and use as
many front end as I can.

Lately I fell into and
it is delighted to use.
Again, it is recommended to know
everywhere you can access Hive.
#leofinance is the motto right now and great place to focus
on anything financial.
Recently with all dilemma
we encounter many are making sure we do not
stop this commuity and continue to support.
I do not know the next step for #wleo but I know
#leofinance just getting started to grow and make a name for itself.

Curation is the norm is #leo.
It will be a booster for Hive-engine to grow.
As the saying dictates
decentralization is the discussion on the wall.
I feel the success projected by #leofinance will serve
well for #STEM, #PALNET, #Neoxian.
Formally it is hard for anyone with a job to focus on many tribes altogether
but the support is there.

Have you been around #dcity?
Everyone was so happy to see the site is back after maintenance.
People do care to earn their sim tokens and get their share of hive as well.
I guess for now most of us had seen how hard fork work.
It depends but most likely always one or two bugs
to get rid of while going live.
Hive-engine should be the subject of attention
in the incoming months.
The growth of Leofinance will be put on pedestal
for those searching for a community.
Hope it is possible to turn it to what should be smart media token.
That would be I think easier to cook it into layer 1, just saying.

I watching the price of leo and
I see a clear momentum for it to grow.
#Wleo hiccups could be a retract to propel it ahead.
If you look through the site ""
I can see a way to bring more people straight to leo via metamask.
Right now the price is tempting.
Great timing to buy and be able to earn twofold.
The news is out there, btc will rise.
I know we are all waiting to rise together.
Make sure you power up some Leo, I am doing it right now so I can curate.

One key thing I advise everyone,
if you had not change your main password
associated with your account from steem,
it is a good time to do so.
Make sure you change as well your recovery account
so if anything happen, you can get it back.
So many folks still have steem as their recovery.
Flip the page and keep your account secured. Hive did it so can you.

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