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Another tweet again the conceptuality of BTC changes. Anything can happen. This time I will not blame Sunday for it.
I am not even going to focus on Musk this time. We are a creature of habit. We all know crypto will change the world
but we are waiting for the little voice to tell us otherwise. We have a long way to go. Crypto is already established.
It is sad that meme is what we pick to go forward. I have to thank Satoshi for giving us the imprints for what is flipping
the world today.

Fiat domination is about to go second in the radar, thanks to crypto. It is so unpredictable when you see nations are trying to ban
or openly making it hard for miners to operate. On the other side a nation like El Salvador embraces BTC where IMF is questioning
their motive. Where is Satoshi when we need him the most? I heard other South American nations will follow El Salvador to give BTC a home. Looking at the situation from afar, there will be nations that favor crypto while others will try to ban it in order
to control and promote their currency.

It is hard when you see crypto out of nowhere favors nation with no fight in the game. Actually things will get serious when you see these nations holding crypto in their balance sheet. Circling this mindset I can see how BTC will reach $100k. It will not take long
to see the cascading effect of this apparatus. El Salvador already uses the dollar as official tender. Where is gold during this drama?
Soon you will hear they will have their own CBDC peg to the US dollar. Things will get serious for them.

Small nations like you and me, this is our way out to make heads way. Crypto brings correction and power to humanity with this inflation
control by a few. Lately prices has skyrocketed due to the economy trying to move forward and QE doing its unwanted work. Inflation is a
double sword. Crypto is the breaking point for the wise one. It does not take a rocket science to see time has shift to move
on from century old system.

There is a lot of thing you and I are in the dark for. Crypto always favor well informed and folks with large pockets. The news you hear today may differ your goal tomorrow. Bitcoin can fall lower than $30k. It is all gimmicks to add confusion to already confused souls.
There is something I said time to times indefinite, crypto is here to stay. The behavior you witness lately has to do with power grab.
Noise is good to derail the masses from the reality of crypto. Luckily the choice is vast and there is room for anyone to start making
the right move.

Almost 30 days, BTC has been moving sideways in the vicinity of $30k+, somehow this is where everyone are buying and selling. The resistance is strong within this parameter. Another couple tweets mix with positive announcement in trove can relocate how we see crypto
for the rest of this year. We got to remain in unison and protect these diamond paws. Like mind thinks alike. We could see in the near future South America is the place to be. As long the dollar is having its fair share, you will see innovation connected with blockchain
technology. Many doors will be open elsewhere to alleviate and bring more partners around the table of abundance.
This is the reason where the chant to hold will resonate with you.
The earth is big so everyone will find a token they like. Keep playing the game.
Keep stacking vests.

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