Trying To Achieve My Blogging & Splinterlands Goals All At Once Got Me Needing Extra Hours In A Day

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It’s truly hard work trying to balance two goals all at once. When I started Hive, I would say, based on being a pessimist, that loves to lower his expectations, i set a low goal for myself so i don’t get sad if I didn’t achieve it. But fortunately for me I was able to achieve that goal before the required date. This means that I have to set a new goal. When it comes to my goals am very principled and I try to be disciplined towards it.


But while doing that, I found splinterlands, initially I joined solinterlands because I wanted to be rich just like those I was seeing on Hive blog. I wanted to make that blockchaingame money. I want to be able to say a blockchain game bought me more houses and cars. I knew that these people with the amazing splinterlands testimonies didn’t start soon, they have been consistently playing so hard and investing a lot on the game. But I wasn’t patient enough to want to settle down and learn the basics. Because of my impatience I made lots of mistakes.

When i started playing splinterland, i felt I would never buy cards, this was because it sounded outrageous that I needed to pay for cards in a game. I was new to NFTs and blockchain gaming so it was quite normal for me to have that mentality. Few days ago we saw someone pay $50k for a rare splinterlands card, current me was like “alright cool, nice investment bro”. But old me would have said “you are a dumbass bro, you could have invested that money on some coins and wait for it to give you profit, or better still buy a physical asset with it”. But now I have come to know the value of NFTs, these cards am buying are NFTs that I won’t regret buying them in the future. In 10 years time, we don’t know the value they will be worth and how rare they might be.

Due to the amount of time I have been spending on the Hive blockchain reading and learning a lot, am becoming more aware of how fast things are changing in this world. It’s helping me understand, adapt and evolve with it. Because of that, I have found myself buying splinterlands card now. I have bought more than 40 cards, some are the same cards that I used to level up. Currently am playing my splinterlands to complete my daily quest so I can get good rewards in my chest loot. I’m hoping I get a lot of cards this time because these cards are beautiful and are addictive to have. I’m at a stage where I need to get to Bronze II to start earning DEC after battle, but for lots of reasons, when am getting close to getting to that stage, I find myself losing a lot and retracing back to the Bronze III stage. I’m trying to leave that stage, while am not earning DEC playing for now because of that level, i decided to rent my cards out to help me earn DEC, instead of just sitting in my wallet without any use.

I’m so happy I know the commons basics on how the game is being played, my rate of losing has incredibly reduced. I win 4 out of 6 games now. Compared to my past progress of winning 5 out of like 20 and those wins were based off luck.

Now this is where the problem lies, I have a daily goal to make 4 blog post a day, and I have a daily goal to complete all my splinterlands quest. Creating contents daily is not easy, because my daily routine goes like this, wake up in the morning, sort topics to write about, start writing, take few breaks for inspirations and ideas. I don’t have a laptop so when my battery gets low, I have to charge it. My phone battery spoilt so I got it changed, but unfortunately the old battery isn’t as good as the new battery, so the phone is always heating up. After waiting I go eat, do other offline activity, come back, continue writing, then start playing splinterlands , before I know it, am exhausted and I need to sleep. I check the time, it’s 9 pm, I do review of how my day went, if it was productive, did I achieve, my goal? Then I go to discord, Twitter and Hive to start engaging. Before you know what’s happening 24 hours is over.

That’s not enough, I need more hours in a day, I need to do more. I’m loving this experience, because I enjoy doing it, am not being forced and no one takes credit for all my work. That’s the beauty of Hive, but I hope with time I will be able to achieve all my goals in a day, ending my day feeling fulfilled.

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