What Are Splinterlands Potions Used For?

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Hey guys, how are you doing, hope you had a wonderful day today. Well today was so eventful for me, it was hard trying to focus on the event I had today and thinking of content to create and post. But the good part is, I now have splinterlands to keep me company when am bored outside. Few weeks ago it was hard to play and enjoy splinterlands, now am getting addicted to playing it. I don’t fully understand everything about splinterlands yet, so am still taking it one day at a time.


Yesterday I wrote about Splinterlands Rewards : Practicing Is The Only Way To Utilize & Understand The Blockchain Game. It’s about my progress on playing splinterlands and the rewards I get for completing a quest. I completed the second Death Quest I was given to complete. This time it was way easier and faster compared to other times. My reward was just a potion this time, but I don’t know the use of these potions.

Getting DEC(Dark Energy Crystal) tokens is understandable because am aware that DEC is the commercial token on splinterlands. You can call them the currency for the splinterlands game. I got cards reward that have value, if you burn the cards you will be awarded the DEC equivalent. You can also rent these cards to earn passive income, which makes these cards valuable also. But the rewards I still don’t know their values are the potion charge rewards.


Currently I have two different types of potion rewards.

  1. The Alchemy Potion
  2. The Legendary Potion

I have these potions but don’t know how to use it or what to do with it. If you know what they are used for, I will be glad if you told me. Thanks in advance.

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Up in the Right corner, U will see the "Open" interface where u can open packs.
Using potions will increase the chance to receive legendary, gold ones and so on.


Thanks, but I want to understand better, you mean before I open any quest completion rewards I should use the open interface first?


When you open a pack by dragging and dropping into the circle it automatically uses the potions you have. 1 legendary and 1 alchemy per pack.


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