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The crypto enthusiast were always positive about the crypto market and expected the price would go up at some point. But honestly from my POV, I was having second thoughts! While everything seems to be coming out in front of us now. Yeah, it took a long time but the roar is to be heard in the crypto market, pretty loud and clear!

The grand daddy BTC is holding up to a massive surge of all time ATH of 18k this year and it brought the swing of the altcoins to come in pace. Luckily for crypto hodlers this sure reminds of the last BULL RUN which happened similar to the time (year end). Are we going to see the BULL RUN once again? Maybe or maybe not but some of the situations that are taking place is what indicating to that way of spike. IMO I really would love to see this whole turnover happening after few more months or so! Why, please don't ask!


I was looking at my portfolio this evening and that is when things were starting to get little fishy for me. I am holding some coins and the bounce in the total amount really got me striking real hard. believe me, I kind of was puzzled to see what is happening! It took me some time to figure out what is going on, thanks to coingecko everything came into places for me.

The first thing I did was, I converted few coins which I was holding for such a long time and finally had to let them go. That was honestly a relief for me. While as for other holdings I am kind of in a hodling mode. Among them are BTC, ETH, HIVE (also Tribe tokens), SIACoin, ADA and few other coins not really worth mentioning. But these small coins makes a bunch if and when they see a price spike, so it is worth keeping them at bay!


I am also excited to see this transition happening and we are moving towards something special. I am not sure how much is sufficient but imagine the number at your own ease and put it in your portfolio. Or just like me sit back and watch the show! ;)

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