🔥 Cub Finance FOMO! 1 Million TVL!

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Finally the day arrived and Cub finance launched. The first minutes were really crazy and the Discord was full of Leo users talking about the project. I am really excited by this launch, a lot of fresh energy needed and an awesome product being released.


I am familiar with BSC and Liquidity pools, yield farming, etc.
I've seen many projects go parabolic after this kind of launches, and I don't want to miss the chance with this project. I pooled really early, minutes after their announcement.

I paid a high 4% fee for the pools I joined but I managed to earn 1 CUB per minute the first hour. Insane APYs % if you pool early.

I am concerned about the price of the CUB token after the claimdrop. It will probably dump a little but there is a lot of new money coming in at a really fast pace.

I already earned my first 100 CUB


And do you want to know the best part? CUB is trading now above 5,7$.
Such a great start!

We crossed 1 Million of TVL

Within the first hours of the launch we are now crossing the 1 Million $ mark for the Total Value locked in the platform. I'll post this for the eternity!


Keep stacking! 😊


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