Splinterlands - For Christs Sake If you've got a million power MOVE UP TO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and give the poor a chance of winning SOMETHING!

5 months ago
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'Warning: progressing to Champions League means you will be up against more difficult opponents'.


Because so many high powered accounts are lurking around Diamond, not only Diamond, Gold too. It's actually been easier in Champions this season!

OK I admit it, I was hanging around Diamond League to try and claim one of the 10-15 beta pack prizes for getting towards the top of the leaderboard, problem is that proved difficult because there are just so many high powered accounts trying to do the same.

So I moved up and honestly, I think everyone else who can SHOULD DO THE SAME!

If accounts with millions of power hold back and stay in Diamond (and Gold) this means no decent prizes for the poor - and I'm sure that wasn't the intention behind the changes, or who knows, maybe it was, I know @aggored is comfortable with inequality, so I don't imagine him crying too many tears over the situation.

It just seems a bit wrong somehow.

It's pretty extreme btw - the person (the names are so similar it's the same person) currently sitting in second and third in Gold League has 25 million power spread across two accounts.

Screenshot 20200928 at 16.24.46.png
The gold league of shame - where every single person in a prize position CHOOSES not to risk to go higher.

FFS move up and give the poor a chance!

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