The DEC liquidity pool - don't stake more than you can afford to 'lose'!

4 months ago
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I've been stacking DEC for LAND for a while now, gradually buying in a few thousand here and there, for the past couple of months or so.

I finally managed to accumulate the 850K necessary for the 100 units 15% presale discount a little over a week ago, literally just a few days before the DEC to Uniswap announcement.

Having staked around 9000 WLEO and 'lost' almost 2000 of those on the LEO liquidity pool, I was painfully aware that staking all my hard accumulated DEC might result in my 'losing' 15-20% of that too, meaning I'd have to buy another 100-200 000 at higher prices to get back my original 850K for the land pre-sale discount.

So rather than going all in I cautiously staked 300K last week, thinking that losing 20% that would be better than losing 20% of more than that.

Having watched the pool for a week, it seems to be holding pretty even, so today I staked another 210K.

I also bought another 30K DEC as a sort of hedge to reduce my chances of my total DEC holdings dropping below 850K.

I'm also thinking that I'm probably going to buy a few hundreds more every day in dribs and drabs, and it's pretty easy to earn 500-1000 a day playing, so the chances I'll end up with less than that 850K are extremely minimal.

I guess it wouldn't be so bad having to buy in a few thousand more DEC in a month even at double or treble the current price if necessary, as if that happens, I'd be getting an ever increasing DEC-ETH swap rate on the way up, so I wouldn't really be buying back all my DEC at such a high price, it would just be a bit of a psychological blow.

However, I know how the evil Splinterlands team works - it's not just going to be LAND you have to buy with DEC, there'll be buildings, materials, maybe even new worker monsters, all of which will require yet more DEC, so to make it worthwhile buying land, you'll probably need at least a few several tens of thousands DEC to actually do anything with the land.

I'd rather not have to sell off most of my land straight away so I can use what I've got left!

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