I just Powered Up the LEO I have left!

14 days ago
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It's onwards and upwards for LEO as far as I'm concerned from this point forwards, so I just cancelled my PD and staked all the liquid LEO I had in my wallet....

Screenshot 20201012 at 21.02.40.png

Screenshot 20201012 at 20.57.27.png

I've always preferred the curation model for earning anyway, that's always what I was going to go back to after the whole WLEO thang anyways, so I guess it's just back to that a couple of months earlier than expected, and a little bit lighter on LEO (and ETH) than expected.

It's good to see the LEO team back on the case so soon after the horrific hack already with talk (roundtable discussion here) about how to offer some compensation to those who lost out (me among them, although not as badly as some!) and a few thoughts on how to move forwards.

I think I'm around 5K LEO down on where I was, not sure how much of that I'll get back with the compensation scheme for the 15K WLEO I've ended up with?

But Jesus, after a hack, ANYTHING's better than nothing. And like @rollandthomas said in the roundtable, my mortgage isn't resting on my LEO investment, just a few nice 'tings I was dreaming of buying I now maybe won't be!

That which doesn't kill LEO makes it stronger I guess! Albeit a month or two later down the line!

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