Is now a good time to buy Hive?

13 days ago
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A!fter that recent pump - all the way up to $0.80, Hive is now looking cheap!

It sounds crazy, with Hive having spent the best part of the previous year down at $0.10 - $0.15 and having gone all the way down to 300 SATs, that now I'm thinking it sounds cheap at around $0.55

I just have this strange feeling that once the whole DEFI craze dies down people are going to start looking for 'real' projects to pile into which offer a 'realistic' return for their Vest, and Hive is one of those projects, with multiple ways to earn a 15% APY, and more in some cases.

Then there's the fact that the HBD pump means I seem to be earning more when I sell it for Hive (I tend to just sell all my HBDs on the internal market!

And there was the recent news from @blocktrades about the shift away from the non linear rewards curve to a straight 50-50 'kickback' curve, which will, I believe encourage people to hold onto their Hive.

And of course the underlying Fundamentals are just as strong as ever.

I'm tempted to take some of my stables and 'buy back' some Hive.

Or maybe I'm just being totally subjective here - I'm not far off 70K Hive and that's a nice target which is well within reach, and 70K isn't that far off 100K, which also feels kind of close?!?

What do you think? Is now a good time to accumulate a little more Hive, or is it going to go lower?!?

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