Splinterlands - Playing, Earning and Hodling

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If you'd have told me three years ago that this game I invested in 'as a punt because it was something a bit different' would end up yielding me $0.40 for just logging in for two minutes and playing one battle I'd have laughed at you.

Now I'm the one not so much laughing, but rather being bemused by the fact that's that's precisely what's happening.....

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1000 DEC is currently trading at around $4, and so at 100 DEC a battle that's $0.40 or $4 for 10 battles.

Of course I don't win every battle, but let's assume a 1-1 win to lose ratio (it's getting tough out there! so that's $4 for 20 battles, which, if you're mercenary about it and don't watch any battles, you can churn through in about 45 minutes, which gives you an hourly earn rate of $6 - $6 an hour.

Now you can't just go on playing ALL DAY and earn this because your 'DEC capture rate' drains down with every battle and takes time to recharge - but you can play around 50 battles a day and keep it at above 50%, meaning you can play for a couple of hours and earn around $15 in a day.... that's a conservative estimate.

There are daily quest rewards and end of season rewards on top of that too.

Glad I got in Early (ish)

I have a pretty decent stack of cards, not all of mine are active, some are rented out as they're spares (I'm waiting for Land), but to earn this amount of money you need an 'active Deck' worth at least $10K - which would be enough to give you a decent breadth of legendary and epic summoners and monsters - as well as the better rares and commons - but TBH this game, if you want to win more than you lose, is all about the Legendary and Epic cards (which should be no surprise, they are better!).

While I didn't buy many Alpha packs back in the day, I did buy 200 Betas (and more after) and then about 450 Untamed, and I took advantage of that rage sell off over a year ago now and picked up some bargains - A maxed Hydra for under $100 for example, and a Valnamor for around $120, oh and a pile of Yodins at $13.

I thought I was insane spending that much back then, but it's turned out sweet!

The scary thing is, this is just the beginning

And what to do with all those precious crystals one earns>?

Personally I'm reticent to sell them because there are so many up and coming use cases for them - the SPS airdrop starts tomorrow and there's an upcoming pool on Pancake Swap.

One viable option is to plough some of the DEC back into more cards or use it to rent out some of the newer more expensive cards one doesn't have, and TBH I'm now starting to look at renting as being a serious option - some of the newer cards such as that 1 mana Earth dude - now she's pricey (as I thought she would be) - $50 per card and thus over $500 to max her out, OUCH!

But when you have a stack of spare legendaries and epics already rented out, the thought of renting others ain't so bad - you cover your costs!

And then there's land - the main reason in fact I piled into cards a while back was because of LAND, and I bought a tract (glad I didn't miss out there) - I think this is going be a fancy NFT yield farming type set-up - and i think this is going to be the REAL pump factor with Splinterlands.

So for me, now is a good time to play Splinterlands and now is a good time to Hodl too.

The only real question in my mind is what Splinterlands Assets to jiggle? Hold DEC, swap it for cards? Buy Dice packs?

I don't think the SPS tokens themselves are going to be difficult to decided what to do with, they're just a straight up hold and stake as far as I'm concerned!

But whatever splinterlands assets I choose to hold, the future is bright I think, bright and potentially VERY profitable.

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