Get, set, wLEO - on Uniswap

1 month ago
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One of the benefits that I realized being on the Hive platform and these communities is - how much you learn by interaction. I feel like I have learned a lot about crypto market and trends. The more I interact with others, read articles posted my community members, comment on posts and follow the links shared, I am gathering information and adding the knowledge that I would have otherwise missed. And, it is easy to learn with your friends while having fun.

For instance, I did not know anything about #defi. I had no idea about these decentralized exchanges - not even binance dex. And, in the last four months, i have made my first BTC, ETH, Hive and Leo purchases. I cannot even imagine that I invested on crypto assets. Once you have invested your hard earned money in the space, you tend to be more cautious and responsible with what you read and what you do. Right now, I am in a situation where I am reading 20 articles on a project someone is sharing on various media platforms. That's a good thing I guess.

Following the trend, the other adventure I am embarking on to is to wrap few LEO that I bought a couple of weeks ago and join the wLEO Liquidity Pool on Uniswap. I am still chuckling right now as I am getting my feet wet with this defi craze. I read multiple articles and wrote one on #LeoFinance to understand what I am getting into. I realize that there is a probability that I will lose everything that I am investing if the value of wLEO reaches to zero. But, there is also a possibility that I will gain. Despite the result, I am sure that by taking part on this initiative I will gain experience, learn lessons and support the platform that I am at.

Hope I will not be on the loosing side and hope the token will at least hold its value. If not, I will learn an important lesson - do not invest if you think you cannot lose the money that you put in. I feel like I am not investing to lose but I am investing to be a part of the community. I know the amount of LEO I am putting in is not much compared to the LEO whales but at least I am contributing (and learning).

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