The Bitcoin Standard - Is BTC the most advanced form of money?

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I am committed to learn more about crypto and trading as I have mentioned in my previous post. One of the ways to learn about crypto is to listen to podcasts dedicated to crypto issues. I have been a regular listener to a podcast named “unchained’. I am in no way promoting the podcast or YouTube videos. This is my learning journey and I find it useful to listen to experts on what they think of present crypto space and what to expect in the future.

Bitcoin Future

In that context, one of the recent episodes of the podcast included an interview with a former economics professor who wrote a book titled “ A Bitcoin Standard : The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking”. I was fascinated by that conversation where they discussed the possible future scenario of bitcoin. The podcast does not include information on trading. It is purely a philosophical conversation and some random technical explanation on Bitcoin. It was great for a newbie like me as they discussed issues such as the status of fiat currency, the importance of nodes and how that helps BTC, the BTC alternatives and securities and how and why BTC is successful even though it has limited circulation. I also liked the guest’s view on why he thinks BTC is the most advanced form of money humans have created so far.

I cannot recall all conversations but I really liked the idea of Bitcoin being that international universally accepted currency that cannot be manipulated. But, there were also discussions about what will happen to currency security if the BTC witnessing is limited to less than 100 nodes. Would that open a loophole of insecurities?

I am glad that I stumbled upon this podcast. I intend to buy this book. You may want to listen to the professor’s answer to the last question the presenter asked :) He does not think other cryptocurrencies are anywhere near Bitcoin. So, yeah, he is a BTC maximalist it seems.

Feel free to listen to this podcast or watch it on youtube.

P.S. This is not a promotional write-up or anything. I am expressing my reaction to the podcast I listened to.

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