The Marketing Genius of Mogo - Arya Stark Wants BTC

8 days ago
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We on Hive always discuss how we should market our platform to potential users and investors. Recently, there was a marketing proposal that was floating around, which I really liked btw. I think it is important to display our strengths and positive points to others and attract users in a meaningful way. However, there are many others on the platform who are much more knowledgeable and resourceful in deciding how we should do that.


While talking about marketing, I received an email today from Mogo. I chuckled when I read that email because I thought the marketing team at Mogo is banging on the right doors to onboard new users. Mogo is a financial company in Canada (?), not sure if they operate in the US, and are now providing crypto buying services to its users. I have been their client in the past and received this email as part of their promotion.

The email tagline was catchy and the gif they used was bang on. They know that Game of Thrones and Arya Stark are the references that would strike cord with almost everyone. It did. They caught my attention with that GIF and catch phrase and I downloaded their app to see what they are offering in crypto.


I thought it is clever to market your product based on the ongoing events and star power. Should we be spamming potential users with Hive emails to market this new age blogging platform where you can write about anything under the sun and earn crypto and fiat? By the way, we should at least explain what fiat means to normal users because it took me almost two weeks to understand what the word meant :)

The winter is coming to Mogo-land. When are we starting our Hive marketing assault? @nathanmars may have the answer.

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