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14 days ago
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@cryptex24 is the very first exchange which decided to list Hive-Engine tokens

for now, C24 has LEO, CBM, BEER, DEC tokens traded with BTC, USDT, and internal token - C24

Yesterday the c24 team pushed their proposal to the Blockfolio voting service. We hope to get the first 100 votes before the end of the day! That would be a great start for the cooperation between @cryptex24 and Blockfolio

support >> <<<

An exchange working in open beta and provides a very fast and friendly trading interface and experience for the customers.

The most powerful competitive advantage is an internal token - c24 used for paying the extremely low taxes. Try it out using my referral - and I will mint some free c24's for you)

Low commissions for exchange transactions, which amount only 0.1% (0.05% for those who use Cryptex Token).

The second advantage is Codes that can be used for fast, easy, and secure assets transfers.

Here are 3 codes for c24 tokens - grab them fast while they are active =)


And of course, here's the Blockfolio link for you to support us)

Peace yall!