Plans To Roll Out $Usdc Wallet Globally After Private Test.

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It's no more news that one of the drawbacks of the adoption of cryptocurrency is due to the fact that crypto coins are extremely volatile. This has been one thing that scares investors or traditional firms from adopting Blockchain technology.
However, in the Blockchain space, there are non-volatile coins that could act as a safe haven for investors or web2 firms when they integrate blockchain/crypto into their platform. Below is the List of top5 stablecoins by market cap;

  • Usdt
  • Usdc
  • Busd
  • Dai
  • Tusd

Just to name a few;

But are stablecoins really stable? This question frequently rings in my head anytime I have thought of stable coins after what happened to Terra's stable ($ust ). However, we have to note that these stables coins are of different algorithms and the ones mentioned above are of a high probability of pegging to the United States dollar. At least, these ones would be able to win the traditional platform's hunger for stable and fast transactions.

Speaking of traditional firms adopting Blockchain products, the crypto space today welcomed one of the biggest payment gateways or traditional financial institutions after they made an announcement to start accepting usdc stable coins on their platform.

template (13).png is an international financial technology company which processes payments for other companies

We are starting to see traditional financial institutions jumping into the crypto industry one after the other regardless of the negative news. Earlier this year, Stripe a competitor to also implemented a similar feature on their platform. In no time, we will begin to see mass adoption for stable coins by similar companies and maybe from there, they will embrace the top crypto coins too.

One of the solutions the embracement of crypto stable coins provides to these finical companies and their merchants is the ability to transact any day of the week and the time is taken to reach the destination wallet. said they've carried out the test of stable coin transactions privately on their platform and are ready to roll out his feature globally to their customers.

Litle by little, A little becomes a lot - African proverb

With time, Blokchain technology will be welcomed by all.

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