splinterlands daily swear fest - lucky life splinter

8 days ago
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playing some more after the daily - got a pretty good run half-way to gold 1

getting in a few early rounds - it's a mixed bag at this point

3 matches in a row - monster lose all abilities - wtf is this shitty luck about

and of course they all against high level gold card assholes

annnddd now i'm just fucking losing to level 1's - FML

well fuck - that's 4 in a row pissed away - so much for some early round to get ahead

i love it when you hover oppenents previous battles they are all level 1's then you fight them and they have all level 8's - how the fuck does that work

well, fucking down 150 points now - might have to take a break before i fucking end up back in gold 3 - FUCK !!!

i fucked up an tried to play a few more - now i'm even fucking closer to losing a league

trying a few before the daily - it's all level 8's and fucking gold cards - losing my fucking ass right back into gold 3

uggg, life splinter for the daily - def not one of my better sets of cards

see you guys back at gold 3 LOL - i'll be lucky if i don't end up back in silver

sweet - i got lucky with my gold cards - that doesnt happen very fuking often

well crap - i got lucky and had a smooth streak with my horrible life splinter

another nectar queen - nice - i only need like 50 more for the next upgrade

we gotta leave for hotel tomorrow for wifey getting a colonoscopy monday morning

so i won't be doing my normal shit post - i'm gonna miss a day of rewards too - bummer, but we gotta make sure wifey OK

see ya'll monday night

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