Bitcoin Price Making a Run at 11K - Let's Take a Closer Look!

12 days ago
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Bitcoin has been ranged bound of late, but we are seeing buyers step in the last 24 hours.

On the daily chart it kind of looks like we are still floating in the range, but by zooming into a 4 hour chart we see there is key pivot points being battled with.

Pivot Points at $10,900


If you look at the chart you can see that price is currently fighting with the 10,900 area which was a stopping point back on September 28th & 29th when we look at the 4 hour time frame.

So we actually need price to clear this level so that we can make a run at the 11,100 level that is identified on the daily chart.

NOTE: the lines on this chart were drawn on the daily chart, but see see how they still come into play and then how we zoom in there are additional pivot points.

We will find out in the next day, likely if price is going to break out of this smaller range.

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