The Scaredy Cat Investor Show is Live at 5! 5pm EDT that is. Time to chat more LEOfinance and How the US Stock Market is at the Whim of Stimulus Hopes!

14 days ago
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Well if the title didn't already say it all. Dive on into the post to see how to join in on our fun!

After a week off for Real estate related traveling, the cat is back and it's been an interesting couple of weeks post wLEO launch.

Then there is the US election only a month a way and the US stock market looking like a confused kitten in the middle of a street.

Should be fun!


On today's show...

  • Bitcoin Price Analysis
  • LeoFinance is crushing it!
  • How the US market it tied directly stimulus hopes
  • And we'll mix in a couple of tunes for the fun!

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