Looking for a Shitcoin? BLOG Token......

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There is one user on LeoFinance who always likes to fantasise over shitcoins and flog the...... well shit out of them. So I went looking and @trumpman, here is one that is shit but has a relevant name and, who knows, could become something worthwhile.


The BLOG token was released in October last year on Hive-Engine and posts can be rewarded with tokens by using the tag #blogtoken. Here are some interesting points regarding the Blog Token:

  1. There are 5.16 million tokens currently circulating and only 460k (9%) are currently staked.
    Screen Shot 20210207 at 2.01.24 pm.png

  2. Currently only three accounts hold 70% of the staked tokens and the tag is not widely used.

  3. Payouts occur after only 24 hours so you have to get in quick to upvote a post. Authors receive approximately 75% or rewards and curators 25%.

  4. You can buy the whole sell side on Hive-Engine for 862 HIVE so it is going for an absolute motza at the moment!
    Screen Shot 20210207 at 2.10.38 pm.png

  5. There is only one post from the creation account: https://blogtoken.io/blogtoken/@blogtoken/blog-token-social-media-with-rewards that gives no indication of anything other than:

BLOG Token social media with rewards. Rewarding truth content and personal posting. You can also earn BLOG per daily by staking.

With the information from this one post I have invested a significantly large amount of 20 HIVE into this token. After all, I do Blog and a BLOG Token just makes so much sense!!!!

DYOR - although I am not sure what research you can do.

N.B. This post may contain traces of sarcasm.

Thanks for reading.

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