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Hi @taskmaster4450le
I agree that the four year education degree has little value in the marketplace and can saddle young people with large debts, which deplete their monetary resources and crush their dreams. I think education is very overpriced and the ROI isn’t there anymore. I think the rise of 12 month job ready schools whose curriculum is dictated by the future employers is clear evidence that an overhaul of higher education is needed. These schools advertise their graduate hire rates and salaries, something four year schools never do.

Plus I see more employers asking for job candidate portfolios, which contain examples of their work which is relevant to the job, not their degrees. This is yet another indication that the current four year college isn’t producing people who are job ready, just debt laddened.
Good post.

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I certainly see an era where people go to short term, 6-12 month, programs to learn the skills they need.

As @edicted mentioned about, we might even see people being paid to go back and take another course.

The possibilities are truly endless.

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