The Leoborg Chronicles: the next voyage of WLEO

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Leofinance announces the next voyage of WLEO2.


Leofinance is writing cryptocurrency history here. The story so far involves a second layer coin Leo, which uses it’s talent and creativity to launch a clone called WLEO into a larger orbit around a star or Dex called Uniswap. This clones presence around Uniswap soon provides appreciation benefits to the original token Leo and drives volume on exchanges of the first layer token, Hive which continues to provide very important underlying architecture to the second layer coin and its clone.

Evolution and Assimilation

The current announcement from El-Khal includes not only news of the newest clone WLEO2, about to be launched into a larger orbit via a new star-dex called Uniswap. But also an evolutionary adaption of the Leoborg collective where the Leo Community will assimilate an additional method of earning income: Liquidity Provider.

Additional income producing characteristic $

Providing Liquidity will now be rewarded with a fixed percentage of the Leo Reward Pool. Prior to assimilating information on LPs or Liquidity Pools. The members of the community earned rewards from the reward pool by producing content, consuming content or owning miners. These methods are referred to as author rewards, curation rewards or mining rewards respectively. Now the community will have Liquidity Provision as a fourth method of earning or a fourth potential stream of income.

Collective Excitement before next launch

As the members of the community save up its liquid Leo and Ethereum to participate in this new Liquidity Pool or other members start to power up their Leo and do the hard work of curating, to provide greater author and curation rewards to content producers and content consumers alike... there is a palpable excitement. As we peer out into the cryptocurrency galaxy where we orbit our beloved star exchange hive-engine we know it’s our destiny to have our clones walk in the light of other star Dex’s in the galaxy, like Uniswap and perhaps one day centralized dex’s like Bitrex or Binance.

Wrapped Leo is special and has an unfair financial advantage over other ERC20 Tokens.

First Leofinance is providing additional financial incentives...

to Liquidity Providers get both a portion of the transaction fees as rewards and 15% of the annual inflation of 2,000,000 Leo, distributed via snapshots over time, so that the earlier and longer you provide Liquidity, the greater your APR or rewards are...
This is great news for experienced Liquidity Providers and Yield Farmers, because instead of moving your investment capitol constantly in search of the best yield, you can increase your yield by not moving it.
Hmmm less work, more money

Where do I sign up? LOL!

But seriously it’s true! Do the math!

Second for the majority of the swap pairs on Ethereum the investor needs to buy both tokens, then deposit them.

But the WLEO-ETH pair changes that dynamic. Investors don’t have to buy Leo, they can blog for it, send it to and change it to wrapped Leo. Then deposit it into the wLEO-ETH liqquidity pool to yield farm. LEO bloggers save the money/capitol they would have invested in Leo and can use it for Gas fees (transaction fees) on Uniswap/Ethereum. Ethereum investors and other Yield farming investors can sign up for a LEO account to start blogging about financial topics, especially trading and earn LEo. And signing up for LEO account is free.

Third investors can literally turn their words into Ethereum.

Investors that buy and stake (power up) their Leo can create a stream of income from being post authors or video authors who write or talk about investments, and those that don't create content can still profit by content consumption, reading articles or watching videos and casting upvotes and earn through this voting curation rewards. The term "curation" which is upvoting quality content on the Leofinance Blogging interface which pays them weekly, and as the token appreciates from the success of the Uniswap project, listing on other exchanges and increased demand should result in appreciation and a valuable income stream for people who hold their tokens instead of cashing them out right away.

I don’t know about you, but I smell something special in the air... it smells like success.

@khaleelkazi and team...

we are ready for the next journey.


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