Fiesta Tuesday.....

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Afternoon everyone....

Today is once again another edition of #fiestatuesday.....and I’m quite excited about showing this piece.

If you have been following along you know that I have just started going through box number three from my private storage facility.

There are a bunch of pieces that I have not seen in YEARS........ and there are others that I honestly had know idea I even had.


This pieces falls into the later of the two. I had no idea that I even had it.

What is it ????

Its a silver trade unit round. But even better it got s beautiful ship on the obverse side.

Both are my style. Big fan of both silver trade units and anything silver with a ship on it.

Check this out.....<





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I can see why you like it. Ships are awesome on rounds and coins, plus it reminds me of pirate booty, lol! A very nice piece! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful rest of your day!🤗🙌

Old sail ships are so cool. You as well

I just love it when you find something in the stack that you forgot!
This Silver Trade Unit is such a classic. I remember there was a time when the only thing they had at the LCS were these Silver Trade Units...
The sign of a true stacker my friend!!🤗

I only have a couple trade units. But I once had over a 100 different varieties.

Wow thats stacking my friend!!🙂

Ship coins are excellent. 🤟

No doubt

It's on my TOP TEN must get list. So far I have the Eagle version of the Silver Trade Unit but I keep checking my LCS for the Ship version, at least until the next time it opens.
Thanks for the Share @silverd510

Another surprise for me. This box has been very surprising so far. You’ll find one

WOW, a trade unit with a ship! I love it, bestie!!!! I don't recall seeing one ever! Who made those? Oh yeah, I recognize the stamp on the trade unit! I must locate one for my collection of trade units! Thanks for sharing and happy Fiesta Tuesday.
Take care 🤗🤗💕 and lost of hugs 🤗😘

Didn’t even know i had it. No clue where it came from. Must have been when i first got back into collecting, i was like a kid in a candy store.