Pirate Sunday....

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Afternoon everyone....

Taking a late break on the job today. I wanted to finish up the room I was working on before stoping. I have one full room and a hallway left.

But it’s # piratesunday ....


So here is a piece that I came across in the current box I am going through. I thought it was appropriate for today.

Unfortunately I have no idea when I bought it or where.....guess I’m getting old....




I will snap some pictures of the job once I’m done to share with you.


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You are always working, bestie @silverd510! The Coin Shoppe... I think I have a few coins pieces from them, but I recall it to be an Ebay seller. So they pour silver too? Wait, I do have a bar stamped with TCS, I wonder if it is from them? Great show! I want to do another post today if I Have the time. In the meantime, Golden Poppies are all over here, bestie. So I wrote about flowers because it was the first thing that entered my mind.
Have a beautiful Sunday and take care, bestie 🥰🌺🤙🤗💕

Raven told me it’s a Beaver Bullion pour. Didn’t know that. It’s my only job right now, after tomorrow I have zero jobs.😪
I will check it out now bestie.🤗🥰❤️🌹

I recall there was a deal between The Coin Shoppe and John Masterson of Beaver Bullion to produce a line of poured silver products with the letters TCS.


Thanks for the info

I had the same problem....Starting now I try to record everything LOL!!!

Answered you other


Nice round you have there. I really like the wood grain behind the pirate. Don't work too hard! Take care!

Jolly Roger pours look like that, pretty cool.
I don’t mind working hard, as long as i have work.

Take care my friend!🤗👍💪😊🙌