Five Ounce Friday......Skull Edition ☠️💀☠️💀

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Afternoon everyone.....

First I’d like to say that I hope all of you are safe and stay that way. After the last couple days of craziness with the bad news of my daughters friend I have taken what I thought were fairly strong precautions to an even higher extreme.

While I’m not going to bore you with all the craziness I’ve been doing. I’m just worried about my community friends.

The person that died only worked in an office of six people. He lived alone and currently didn’t have s girlfriend. He was working twelve to fourteen hours a day six days a week and studying for the bar exam. So even with his little interaction with people he got the virus.

Enough said..... It’s #fiveouncefriday....


Today I am going to start a series of rounds from the Osborne Mint. They do some amazing work and this series will prove it to you. I was turned onto this series by @raybrockman a couple years back. I believe that there were two rounds out at the time.

The series is called ”American Western Skulls”. There were many options to choose from in this series. There are one ounce versions and five ounce versions of each. Not only were there two sizes of round, but each size came in Proof, Antiqued or Colorized.

I chose the five Ounce antiqued version. I thought it had the best details and I’m not a fan of colorized silver coins or rounds. Although there are two in this series that I really liked colorized.

The five ounce versions were a limited mintage of just 500 rounds. And yes they are long sold out. Most of them are selling for close to double the price on the after market currently.

This was suppose to be a six round series. But JM Bullion has the exclusive rights to an additional two rounds to this series. Those two rounds in the five ounce antiques have a mintage of only 150 pieces. Yep 150.....

So here is one of them.....



This is not in order of release. This round is called ”The Gunslinger”, and is the fourth round of the series I believe. It just happened to be in the box I currently have from my private security place.

Hope you enjoyed....

Stay safe....


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The Gunslinger. Sweet name and coin. Hanging out in silvergoldstackers makes me realize how small my collection is. Thanks for sharing.

They all have cool names. It’s not a race it’s a marathon. I’ve been collecting for over 35 years. You’ll get there

This reminds me to finish that story of that Nepoléanic French gunslinger nun Argénta Savioré and Sister Teresa D'Mordecai. ⚔

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I like reading your stories. Can’t wait

Dig the brushed silver/antiqued look on that one. Goes well with the old colts.

The antiqued ones show all the cool detail. It sure does, thanks for stopping by.
You are your girls stay safe bro

I love this round of yous. I especially like the reverse! Thanks for the show, bestie. I know now to look for you on steemleo.
Take care, bestie.🥰🌺🤙

Thanks bestie. The whole series is cool. You’ll see as i post them. For Hive i post through Leofinance. I’ve been getting good post payouts on it. Please stay safe bestie🤗🌹❤️🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗

A very eye catching series @silverd510, and you have got to love those five Oz rounds!😀
You stay safe too my friend, I'm sure with the work you do you have some N-95 mask on hand.
We are going out of our way to avoid people, and when you must.....Take precautions!!

It is a nice series.
I have plenty of supplies, I’m trying to get my parents on board.

I just read today the CDC put out the recommendation that everyone wear a mask when out in public. They said it is voluntary, and you could make it out of simple cloth.
I think most people are just ignoring this Corona...
One neighbor said " I Don't Care!"🤔

I love the back of that one. With the eagle skeleton. So cool. Cheers bro.

Very nice @silverd510! Awesome rounds and hefty too I'm sure! Take care my friend.