My Work Over The Last Three Days.....

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Afternoon everyone....

As I promised yesterday, I am going to post a few pictures of the job that I literally just finished and completed.

This is going to be a fairly quick post, since it is suppose to start raining around three o’clock. Which leaves me just enough time to get my tools back to the shop before it rains.

The homeowners are on their was home now, wish I could wait for them. But the weather is not cooperating so I’ll have to wait for the call.

So here are some pictures of the work that I completed the last three days....

Hope you enjoy



I’m hoping to sign the kitchen job sometime this year. The wife is undecided on exactly what she wants still.

Hope you enjoyed.....


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WOW bestie!!! Everything: the Door and Window Casing, the Crown Molding, the Wainscoting, the Baseboard, the Ceiling Medallion... everything... BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing your work with us.
Be safe and take care, bestie 🥰🌺🤙 and lost of hugs 🤗💕 I am so proud to know you!

Everything but the ceiling medallions I did. They were already there but aren’t wood, they are dense styrofoam

Your work is outstanding, bestie 🥰🌺🤙

Thank you

Top notch work my friend....very impressive!!😀

Thank you

Nicely done @silverd510! You are truly an artist. Thanks for sharing! 😎🙌

Thank you very much