With Great Sadness...

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Afternoon everyone.....

I guess it was just a matter of time before someone that we knew got the Coronavirus.


Yesterday my daughter got a call....

One of her friends that was doing and internship in New York City, was in the hospital battling the Coronavirus.

What she didn’t expect was what she was told next.....

The doctors give him 24 hours to live.

Yes, that’s right 24 hours.....

It is with great sadness that 24 hours was not accurate. He barely made 12 hours, before he was taken away.

Please Listen Everyone !!!!

The person I am speaking about was only 24 years old, had no underlying health conditions and was a national swimmer since he was 12 years old. He was a college swimmer as well and was scheduled to graduate in May.

That proves that this pandemic is not just dangerous to the old and weak.

Please take every precaution, and stay safe.


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Sorry to hear

Thanks bro

Sorry to hear that Silverd. I wish more folks would take this seriously.

Thanks. There are far to many people out walking around and acting like it’s just a day off. Stay safe

I hope you're taking all the precaution you can when your out and about dude, I'm sure you are.

Goodness!!! I am sorry to hear that someone you know contracted the virus, and goodness... 24hours.. be told that by the doctor is devastating... and brings home the message to all of us just how serious and deadly this is.
Be safe, bestie.

It’s rough. What’s worse is his family moved to California when he got accepted to Stanford. I don’t know if they will let them fly into NY now. My daughter isn’t taking it very well

O man that is so terrible to hear that such a nice young one got this and past so fast, prayers going out now!
My daughter is an R.N. so I worry a lot!

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Thank you my friend. My daughter is in second year of nursing go figure. I was very worried about her doing clinical until they stopped it two weeks ago.

So sorry @silverd510....Please take precautions for yourself and your family!!
Gloves, mask, anytime you must be out my friend...

Thanks. I have Clorox wipes and gloves everywhere. Stay safe

You as well my friend......

I am so sorry for your daughter; the 24 year old and his family. That is almost unbelievable how fast this stuff can tear you down! I see so many near us who think this is nothing and refuse to use PPE or do social distancing. It saddens me and also makes me mad, that they are willing to risk their own life as well as those who come in contact with them. Please everyone........BE SAFE! Do the PPE even if folks laugh at you or are condescending to you! I've been on the receiving end of that and I just don't care. If I look silly, or it's over the top, then who am I hurting? No one! Be safe everyone! Take care @silverd510!

Sorry to hear, and sorry for the loss of a beautiful young person.

My parents and grandparents keep saying that their biggest consolation during this pandemic is that the young are being spared which means that nature is being "fair."

This is just too darn bad.