It's ON!! - SPinvest and BroFund collaboration - We want your feedback!!

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Hello and good day to everyone reading. Today is one of those special days when we have some great news for the community. SPinvest and Brocoin are joining forces to host the biggest ever raffle seen on the HIVE blockchain. Facts!!

Mr SP Invest (SSUK) and Admiral @raymondspeaks have been talking and we think a collaboration project between SPinvest and Brocoin will work really well. This post is to announce the idea, gather some feedback and input before we write the terms and conditions and officially launch the project. Oh yes, this will not be a simple raffle, its a project.

Before, we start anything. We need a name for this Epic huge collaboration. HIVE Raffle, SPI-BRO LOTTO, BRO-SPI LOTTO, you get the idea. The name has to be catchy, it can include SPI/BRO names but does not have to.

Rough Roadmap

With that said, I will show a rough roadmap of how the raffle will work. I have past experience with #silvergoldstackers were we sold over $10k worth of tickets with 4 raffles over 2 years. The formula we perfected back then is the base of the roadmap below. It's tried and tested, I know this plan will work but a lot of the success is dependent on the input from SPI club and Brocoin community members. Now is the time to show your commitment to SPinvest and Brocoin, over the coming weeks, you will be asked to write content promoting the raffle and more. The power of 20-50 accounts (members) promoting a project compared with 2 accounts (spinvest & brofund) will provide is with unheard-of HIVE riches.


The live drawing will take place on "The Man Cave" server. The advantages of being online during the drawing gives winners a chance to pick any prize from the remaining prize pool. In an example. We collect 30 donations from club and community members giving us 30 prizes. We give each prize a number 1 to 30. If a winner is online, they can select any prize from 1 to 30, if a winner is offline they receive the default prize number 1.


We want to show HIVE users and more so other community leaders that collaborations like this can help bring more end-users together and help to strengthen the whole HIVE ecosystem. Let's focus on the users we have on HIVE already. SPinvest could do this project alone as could Brocoin and we would both do ok but together we can do so much better. Our communities are focused on investment tokens, that's our product and that's why we can collab easily. For another example, 2 curation trials could join forces for a weekend and use it as a way to promote curation at a higher level while also getting lots of extra promotion for themselves and more delegations as a result. There are plenty of people trying to onboard new members. SPinvest and Brocoin think collaborations strengthen relationships and bonds with users that are already here and have decided to lead by example in the hope other project operators see the potential of working together from time to time.

What do we plan to do with ticket sale money?

50% of all monies raised from ticket sales will go to a charity. We have a few in mind and have decided to do a vote to select 1 are more of them. Anyone that makes a donation t the prize pool will gain one vote in deciding which charity will benefit.

25% goes to SPinvest. We will power all of this up and get a little bit closer to that 100,000 HIVE POWER target we have.

25% goes to Brocoin and they'll invest theirs as they see fit

I'm interested, how can I do my part?

We will be requiring a couple of members from both sides to help with making this project run like a well-oiled machine. We'll need .....

  • One person to take charge of handling and maintaining the donations list
  • One person to track token sales and allocate ticket numbers to players

At the live discord drawing

  • One person to pull and announce winning numbers
  • One person to confirm if a winner is online are not
  • One person tracking the prize pool, allocating winners to prizes, etc
  • 2 People modding the server for abuse

That is pretty much the idea in a simple nutshell so I'd like some feedback, please.


I understand that asking for a min donation of $20 is a lot to some people so don't feel pressured to donate if you can not afford to. If your donation is worth $50+, that's cool as well. Below and just to wrap up are a few suggestions of things that we can donate but it can literary be anything worth at least $20 and if a physical item, you must be willing to ship it for free.

  • Any crypto with value
  • Precious metals
  • NFT cards - steemmmonster/dcity
  • Amazon/eBay gift voucher
  • USB hardwallet
  • Big HIVE POWER lease
  • Anything that can be dropshipped, eg, gifts.

It's really an endless list, my best advice would be if you are able to donate something, make it something that you would like to receive yourself :

For more information about Brocoin please visit

Their main account -
Brocoin exchange link -
Discord server invite (Max 50 uses) -

Ok, Questions, feedback and input welcome!!

You know the drill by now, comments below, I'll get back to you.

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