SPinvest "SPEW" wLEO shared pool - We'll supply the ETH!

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SPinvester's are those that are interested. We have been collecting LEO tokens over at @spinvest-leo for those that would like to get involved with wLEO but maybe not have the knowledge or funds to make it worth while. @jk6276 is spear heading this project and has decided to name the SPinvest wLEO pool........SPEW

  • Spinvest
  • Pooled
  • ETH
  • wLEO

I love it, it's very poetic and it means what it's intended to do

expel large quantities of (somethingLEO) rapidly and forcibly.


wLEO is launching very soon

As far as im agree, wLEO is supposed to launch today at some point but i think Khal from LeoFinance looks to launch projects on Thursday's so it might be held off another day.

SPinvest has already collected around 13,000 LEO tokens from users looking to be part of this. SPinvest has decided to up it's ETH contribution from 5 ETH to 10 ETH to ensure that no LEO tokens will need to be sold converted to ETH. Please see the screen shot of the most up to date contrituors list. For more details see the lastest post and the original announcement post


Oh yes, the great news is that SPinvest will be running a wLEO pool and providing liquidity for wLEO.

  • A pooled approach shares the GAS costs among many people.

  • Open to anyone - no requirement to be a SPI member.

  • A pooled approach makes smaller contributions economically viable.

  • ROI - I have no forecast of what it will be - but there will be some unspecified return on your investment - hopefully.

  • Contributing to the growth of LeoFinance - and thus helping HIVE overall.

  • Minimum to contribute is 500 LEO

If you are interested are have any questions, please ask below and someone will get back to you within a decent time

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