Native LeoFinance Content Now Earns 10% More LEO + A Few Interface Updates

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We've recently added a few changes to the LEO economy and to the condenser interface. The changes to condenser were mainly some link fixes, a few UI tweaks and a canonical links update that Eonwarped put together to fix a linking issue that was pointed out by @holger80.

10% Burn on Non-Native LeoFinance Posts

This is a feature that was spearheaded by @neoxian on the Neoxian.City tribe. We've just integrated the feature for the LeoFinance community.

This feature burns 10% of the LEO rewards (only affecting LEO -- not any other token/HIVE) on posts that are not created on the website. Neoxian coined the term "city tax" when he implemented it and I think that is a good way of thinking about this feature.

We've made a few posts recently talking about the many benefits of posting from including ad revenue for token burns, canonical links, traffic rankings and more.

Thus, when you post from, your post is more beneficial to the LEO community as it brings along these benefits. When you post content from other interfaces and tag it with "#leofinance" - like Peakd, for example - your content is still valuable to us because content is content.

However, it's not quite as valuable as native content and so, the LEO rewards should logically be less on those pieces of content comparative to native posts. Neoxian's way of considering this a "tax" for not using the interface is a great way of looking at it.

Posting from our interface has benefits to you as a content creator as well:

  • Upvotes from @leo.voter
  • Badge next to your post = more community upvotes + engagement
  • Support the health of the LEO token = higher valued rewards over time
  • New: Earn 10% more LEO rewards when you post from

Interlinking the LeoFinance Websites

We made some small but important changes to,, and where we added menus that interlink all of the LeoFinance websites.

Now when you're on any LeoFinance website, you can easily switch to another one with the main nav menu.

Coming Soon

Coming soon are the updates to the interface that everyone's been waiting on. The Hive-Engine integration is almost complete and that will be the next phase to roll out this week. After that, we'll see the next phases on the hivestats roadmap follow shortly after.

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