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Ad Revenue Earned Per Day (in USD) April 24th - May 24th

Hey everyone. It's been a while since the last official update on the LeoAds program and I've been meaning to get this program more organized in terms of reporting the data and keeping the burns in a more transparent and open-format.

With the recent additions of the Hivestats and LeoPedia websites to the LeoFinance portfolio, we now have 4 websites under our umbrella:


Each of these websites has the capability to display ads. As we integrated the ad codes, we looked for the most minimal way of integrating them possible. We didn't want to clog up your screen and destroy the user experience if you choose to view ads on our websites.

If you look at the first chart in the post, you'll notice the significant increase in Ad revenue over the past 1-2 weeks. Since the launch of, we've seen a near doubling in daily Ad revenue for LeoFinance. Hivestats is climbing in impressions and may even catch up to and surpass the primary website.

Share of Ad Impressions by Website

Burning LEO

When Ad revenue is received, it's in the form of BTC. We're now converting that to HIVE and it is being distributed to the @leoads account. This account is responsible for burning LEO off the market throughout each month. The timing of these burns are processed at random.

Since this is technically the first day of this new program, there isn't a chart to show the burns from this month's distribution as the orders to buy LEO haven't all been filled. Starting with the next report, you'll be able to see the prior month's exact LEO burn figures along with the estimate for the current period.

Based on current orders, this month's estimate is roughly 6,000 LEO burned with ad revenue.

How to Increase Ad Revenue

Total Ad Impressions Per Day

Increasing ad revenue has become a major focus of LeoFinance. The reason being is two-fold:

  1. A measurement of regular users in the LeoFinance economy (more impressions means more people viewing our websites which = more users in general)
  2. Supporting the LEO economy in a sustainable way that scales with the community. More community members = more ad revenue = more LEO burned = higher LEO price over time

The fact that we are in the crypto space means that the vast majority of users on our websites either have ad blocker or have the Brave browser installed. There's nothing wrong with this - I also use the Brave browser as it's just the best browser on the planet - the issue that it creates for LeoFinance is that the vast majority of our daily impressions don't count toward ad revenue.

If you look at the impressions data (in terms of all impressions - people viewing the site, but not necessarily viewing an ad) more than 80% of our impressions are unmonetized: meaning they don't see any ads due to an ad blocker or Brave browser shields.

This is a huge opportunity for LeoFinance. The fact that our general impressions are on the rise and the fact that there are so many of those impressions that don't yet count toward ad revenue means that we can grow in two major ways:

  1. More users on our websites
  2. Current users turning off shields/ad blockers

So here's our ask (on behalf of the LeoFinance community): turn off your ad blocker and/or Brave Shields on the LeoFinance-operated websites and opt-in to our ad program.

If you opt-in to ads, you support the sustainability and growth of the LEO token economy and help us reduce that ~80% portion of unmonetized attention.

I believe that over time, we'll see that number come down while simultaneously seeing an increase in the number of overall users on our websites. These combined can create some exponential magic in our LeoAds program.

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