Cryptobrewmaster updates!

5 months ago
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In the last few days the @Cryptobrewmaster has been constantly upgrading the game and yesterday I finally discovered them but without getting too excited because I still can't use one of them.

bandicam 20201111 215846306.jpg

bandicam 20201111 215311878.jpg

One of the changes that took place, which is the most important, is a new building, the Μarket .
We all expected this upgrade in the game because you can finally sell and buy the ingredients to make your beers.
bandicam 20201111 215331569.jpg

bandicam 20201111 215335180.jpg

Prices vary from seller to seller but this is the trade. Everyone sells and buys at whatever price they want.

bandicam 20201111 215409840.jpg

Another item added is a new ingredient, which I got, but unfortunately I still can't use it to make some beer. Maybe in some next upgrade there will be some new beer recipe in which the present ingredient should be used.
In general, I am satisfied with the development of the game.
If you want to start brewing some nice cold beers you can use my referal link below.
Thanks for your time!

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