STEM Miner Bonus Week - Up to 644% more mining rewards

29 days ago
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We will be running a promotion starting in about 24 hours that will drastically increase the mining rewards for STEM miners. I don't usually have many on sale and frequently I don't have any for sale.

There are very few STEM Miners staked compared to other tribes.

TribeMining Pool %Staked Miners

The normal Scot Bot protocol chooses 30 individual miners to split the current mining reward pool every hour. If you own more than one miner, it is possible to receive more than one reward for that drawing. For STEM the total mining pool typically is 27.936 STEM so each winning miner receives 0.9312 STEM each hour.

From September 24th 10 AM EST to October 1st 10 AM EST we are running an additional mining pool bonus.

Between these dates we will distribute an additional miner bonus reward per hour to one lucky miner for up to 600 STEM.

One miner per hour can earn up to 644% in bonus STEM per hour.

During this time there will be more STEM Miners available on Hive Engine than usual. This drawing will update in real-time and only staked miners will be eligible. Miners that are currently being unstaked will not increase your odds of winning a round.

These additional rewards will come out of the STEMGeek's team bounty account and will not affect normal distribution.

I will give everyone a little over 24 hours to stake additional miners to participate in this event.

If you have any questions or if you want to join our community, you can hop on our Discord server and say hi.

We also have a fun writing contest ending within the next 24 hours if you want to join in.

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