Edging and Hedging in the neighborhood

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You know I have been busy when my voting power is nearing a hundred percent - I caught it just in time I think. I can't remember the last time my voting power was full and lately I have been seeing it in the mid-nineties. I go through stages though and sometimes I will keep it around 80, sometimes at 60 - but that is rare. I don't worry about maximizing curation (I vote on most comments I get which is "costly" because of the curve), but i do like earning the curation I get.

A lot of people will vote blindly to earn and I do this a little with a couple autos I have set (I generally read these posts), but I prefer to read and vote, which is why I vote on comments - as I read and reply to pretty much each I receive - unless very, very busy. I believe that if someone takes the time to comment, I should take the time to reply and often, I spend more time replying than it takes me to write the posts. I also think that part of having stake is encouraging interaction and I reckon it is pretty cool that a person can earn a few cents for leaving a comment on something they like or find interesting - it is a far better deal than commenting on YouTube videos.

Talking of coincidence...

A second ago I got notified of getting 35,000 replies on my posts and the post I did last night, where I was notified of posting 4000 articles to the blockchain.


This means that I am averaging 8.75 replies to my posts since my start here, which doesn't sound like much. However, considering that it includes the ramp-up to build my presence and for the last two years since Resource Credits, most of the spam is gone, that is pretty good. I wonder how much HIVE I have distributed through comments over the years. I would estimate it is in the several thousands. I remember having a 12 dollar vote for a brief moment at the highs and putting 1-2 dollars on comments regularly - I miss those days...

My commenting and engagement have been down a fair bit I think the last few days especially, as I have literally been in the garden 12 hours of the day trying to keep schedules for the week. I got all the basement windows painted today, which took a lot of time considering how crappy they look due to their condition, but hopefully they will blend in to the wall once that is painted on Thursday. We will change them later, but it is very expensive so they will have to wait until Bitcoin hits a million dollars...

Note to self: Buy some Bitcoin...

But, the house must be looking pretty good already considering where it was 4 long months ago and from the evidence I received an hour ago. A neighbor from a couple houses down I haven't seen before, wandered into the yard as I was watering the hopefully soon to be grass and introduced herself and commented on what a transformation it has become. Because of the overly-high hedge that was removed last week, most people couldn't see any change at all, but now it is exposed to the road and sits on the corner with fresh paint and clear views.

This might not sound like a big deal in most places in the world, but in Finland and definitely in my experience, this kind of behavior is not the cultural norm. Finns are generally socially passive, they avoid strangers and very rarely compliment or even admit that something might be good. I would suspect that it is very strange for someone to walk onto another's property and even stranger if the person standing in the front yard is pretty obviously "not from around here" looking. @markkujantunen and @eveuncovered can probably attest to this at a general level. There are always exceptions as Markku is talkative and Eve well, most Finns get naked at the drop of a hat due to the sauna culture - but most don't photograph themselves while naked ;D

It is an interesting thing to consider in regards to incentivized social media that pays, as user experience is going to be affected by their social abilities as well as cultural norms. I don't agree with the general statements and excuses about introvert and extrovert as it is pretty easy to overcome for someone willing to learn, but there are other differences that matter, including personality, humor and skill at attracting and holding attention.

What I like about Hive though is the ecosystem has multiple paths of entry and participation, which means that someone who for example isn't suited or interested in blogging, can play games or perhaps even just buy some HIVE and happily curate. Sure there are 2 billion people on Facebook, but how many of them are actively using it as a way to get their information out effectively, and how many are mostly just scrolling through their feeds liking and commenting? Same for Twitter and YouTube, Instagram and probably TikTok (I have never seen it - but I have heard of it).

I think there will come a time in the future where the majority of Hive users are consumers only and we can kind of see this already with the voting behaviors of many accounts, where even the smallest accounts will set up autos, even if they haven't been active in any other way for months or years. While they are looking to earn something through curation, they are also kind of like consumers, as they add consumption transactions and also, draw on the pool with their stake, creating a higher rate of competition for Hive. Sure, it would be far better to have active and engaged users who find the ecosystem compelling enough that they want to be here participating daily, but it'll happen.

Perhaps Hive is a little like my house when it was behind the hedge. Because it is out of sight, passersby don't see all that is happening around the ecosystem at this time, but when the hedge comes down and it becomes visible, people will change their behavior to be a part of it in some way, like the neighbor tonight. Who knows what the driver will be that cuts the hedge away, but with a bull market and a lot of applications and games in development, I consider it worth hedging bets upon.

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It's definitely not common for someone to come over to someone else's property start a conversation. It does happen from time to time, though. Our neighbors across the street did just that when we had just moved in. The Mrs and their second youngest son rang the doorbell and came to say hello. I think they brought us something. Ever since then, we've been on quite friendly terms. We were invited over when one of their daughters graduated from secondary school in June. Cool people, but not statistically normal. There is no norm against being social like that but it is not common.

It has been really interesting to see how people walking and driving by have reacted. Our direct neighbors are already quite friendly with us, as we introduced ourselves immediately and because both sets have been in the area for a very long time, we had an "in" because our neighbor across the road grew up in the same house, bought from her parents, who bought it from the grandparents. About as local as they get here. :)

It is a really good idea to be on friendly terms with the neighbors as it makes so many things easier, but mostly, it creates a better atmosphere.

As you know, I generally err on the side of probability in behavior, but I am glad when I get surprised.

I am considering doing a a really Australian thing and having a "sausage sizzle" with the neighbors - sausage wrapped in a slice of white bread with fried onions and tomato sauce.


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I read a lot of your content, but vote on all of it. I understand and respect your point of view that authentic engagement connected to voting is best. I guess that I have fear of not utilizing my votes on worthy content creators when offline life gets chaotic.

I don't want to be a completely set-and-forget kind of hive user, but I appreciate the opportunity to support certain creators when i am not online.

The hedge analogy is solid. We are still operating behind closed doors and the shadows of mainstream and main street. Once the hedge is removed, the world will get to see what has been happening.

I appreciate your content, your writing style, and your persistency. Congrats on 4000 main posts! That is what I am missing. Intentionally carving out the time everyday to make a main post happen. Keep it up!

I guess that I have fear of not utilizing my votes on worthy content creators when offline life gets chaotic.

I have a bit of the same - silly perhaps, but I prefer the pool to go to decent people :) I don't have many autos set, just a couple. And you are right about the having the option to support when life gets in the way plus, I think it can build some level of responsibility. I am pretty responsible with the autos I get I think and while some might disagree, I don't abuse them.

Once the hedge is removed, the world will get to see what has been happening.

It could get very crazy up in here if it takes off - crazy like most people will never experience in their lives otherwise

That is what I am missing. Intentionally carving out the time everyday to make a main post happen.

I think a lot of people struggle in this area and it might be because they have expectations about what is expected of them. Just write. :)

I appreciate the response and encouragement. Two thoughts:

  1. If things get super crazy, my modest investment could be life changing.
  2. While I think that we both are trying to be responsible, I am pretty sure everyone justifies what they are doing on hive because they feel they are responsible as well.

That is the beauty of the decentralized. We come for the money, stay for the people, and then realize that we are apart of something great, weird, in full motion without a centralized leader. So crazy and fun at the same time!

  1. Life-changing is why I have been working so hard.
  2. Responsibility is why I have been working so hard.


It is a very cool premise and hopefully it is more than life-changing for us, it is world-changing for the many.


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I really appreciate this post. I'm relatively new and still trying to wrap my brain around voting power and percentages. It's getting clearer as I continue to push on everyday. However, I appreciate your straight forward approach to this. I also make it a point to reply to every single comment....if for nothing else, I think it's rude to ignore. My page is my space and if someone takes the time to enter my space and read my words, I sincerely appreciate it and don't want to ignore that. :)

if for nothing else, I think it's rude to ignore.

Yes. I think many have grown in a world of internet which allows for voyeurism of content without having to engage and creators are able to dump and walk away. That should change - it is social dysfunction.

My page is my space and if someone takes the time to enter my space and read my words, I sincerely appreciate it and don't want to ignore that.

Some seem to take the "Trespassers will be shot" mentality :)

You have the right idea, your space, your experience, your Hive. The core of Hive is ownership and the more that take up the mantle of owner, the stronger the platform becomes.

Thank you for the tokens!

When I read my comment back, I feel like the "my page is my space" may come across in a way that I didn't intend. I think what I was trying to convey was that my hive platform were my thoughts and I tend to pour my heart into those so anyone who comes there and wants to engage with me is welcome and deserves a reply.

I completely agree with you that it is a social dysfunction...and I would LOVE to see that change. I think Hive is a great space that is pushing a movement in that direction. It's refreshing and I love it here!

I'm also relatively new to HIVE. There's so much "lingo" that it's hard to understand what's really going on. I guess that's just a barrier for now, but it will get easier as more users come on.

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Yay I'm not alone! :D

It will get easier. Just need to keep at it. I do feel you're right, it's mostly the lingo and learning what everything means.


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Awesome :)

I like the Hive-Hedge-House analogy.

Just listening to another bullish chat from Dan, it does feel like a good time to get smartened up ready for some action.

Dan has been on fire lately - he can feel it too :)

That's a nice analogy, we just need a few apps as @dapplr and @ecency as well as some marketing and a board to surf that uptranding wave!!!

Some front ends as and some decent games with a compelling narrative. I would love to see an old FPS refaced into a tokenized experience :)

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Ha. You achieved two amazing milestones one after the other.


Yep, pretty funny :)

In Latin countries, neighbors are more relaxed and curious. Surely since you had started building, they would have come to ask you what you were doing and how they could help you! hahaha. Like the comments above, I think you made an excellent analogy. It remains to be seen whether the consumers of Hive are enthusiastic and supportive neighbours, or whether they simply watch from afar, as if they were in another universe and were not interested in what happens here. Greetings, @tarazkp

I am satisfied with them being social - getting them to help is well down the track :D

The trick isn't to "build it and they will come", it is to build it in such a way that "they won't won't to miss out."

Great post! I think in a lot of ways, Hive is what Social Media should've always been, a good majority of the people here are both producers and consumers to the content that get's posted here, which is heavily contrasted with Facebook for example where the majority of people are consumers. I think if there's any other major Social Medias that come around in the future and want to have a high producer rate, they should highly consider a incentive system like what Hive here has👌.

I think that the centralized platforms don't want a high producer rate, they want a high consumer rate - so they cherrypick enough to be attractive and reward those few highly to give others "hope" to do similar. Tens of thousands of people spending money and creating a network effect to try and be a Kardashian, is more value than what they pay a Kardashian.

Given how much work you have to put in to keep up with the tradies I'm surprised you're still churning out daily posts never mind multiple daily posts XP (I keep typo-ing faily but that's what I did, fail to post daily XD)

lol -

dailure: days without a post.

Your writings are really amazing .I am trying to make a place for me in this platform through my ability.

So reading on the articles of you guys we try to interact through the comment section.
Whenever i get a reply i get very much delighted and if an extra reward,thats like double happiness.

Thanks for your times and co-operations.Have a good day😊

We are in the same sort of situation here.
There's always been a tussle in our country between the north and the south, especially in sports such as rugby and cricket. Now I come from the far north as a child and lived most of my adult life closer to the center of the north. Then we moved 2 years ago to the south, not only to the south, but to the very southern tip of the African continent.

Same country, but not the same people. They call us "imports" hahaha.
The most talking that I do is here in Hive lol, as they treat us almost as if we have a virus.
But in saying this, we have made two acquantences, one an old lady of 80 who I helped with her car and the other a young married guy with two kids that I borrow some of my tools to.

The poor people however are very friendly to us, as we feed them in our charity feeding project, so that is a good thing. We have to respect people's ways and cannot judge them if they avoid us.

Btw. Let's hope your flattening of the hedge was a message about the events that are awaiting Hive.

I am averaging 8.75 replies to my posts since my start here, which doesn't sound like much.

Oh, it DOES sound a lot.
I regularly see great posts with the potentiality of engagement but there's no comment underneath it at all (excluding the bots of course)— even with posts that have a lot of curation points.

(I want to address that—not all great posts prompt the reader to say something, like a nature picture I liked a lot but didn't see the reason to simply say 'nice pic'. I'm not talking about those. Also, my posts are out of this equation.)

Today is my 30th day on Hive and I've seen a general reluctance in spontaneous socializing on Hive.
There are a few users who go out of their way to balance things out and they're doing this and that to increase interactions (kudos to them) but other than that the whole thing feels dry.

I admit I could be wrong, perhaps I haven't seen enough of hive yet.

An interesting analogy. Hopefully the beehive will repeat the story with surprise as your home changes.

TikTok - Confirmations that evolution has stopped and a new era of degradation has begun.

Confirmations that evolution has stopped and a new era of degradation has begun.

It is always nice to recognize that we are now in the first stage of human history that we as a society are getting worse.

Told you the house was looking good :)

I try to keep my VP in the 80s, but don't worry if it gets below. I auto vote some people, but I want to manually vote for posts that I've read and enjoyed.

I had a short conversation with a guy in discord yesterday about 'auto voting'. He still gets a vote every time from a woman he knows is dead and has been for near a year. I get votes from people I haven't seen around since the split. I think it is significantly better to leave some auto votes rather than just disappear.

There will be a wailing and gnashing of teeth but I really think we need a 'decay' set up on all our voting. Something like 'you haven't done a single thing manually for 6 months? No votes for you until you do.' I really think we'd be better off even in the short term but very much in the long look.