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On a day when we see a lot of red in the market, it is often best to step back and look at things from a wider perspective.

With Hive, there is a lot of emphasis on content creation. Thus, the social media aspect of things is often emphasized. However, if we look at things from the economic perspective, we get a completely different picture.

We are already seeing some economic activity, outside of posting, taking place in HIVE. Since it is the base coin, everything that is occurring is tied to it. This is something that needs to be emphasized.


There are a number of communities (tribes) that are already in place with their own token. Presently, they reside on Hive-Engine although there is a chance, someday, that SMTs (HMTs) could roll out. Either way, the existing system is showing how things are shaping up.

Since HIVE is the base token, it is the pair for everything else that is created. Being the default pair in the currency world is enormous. This, ultimately, provides a sink where people need to the token.

We see this in the Forex market where the USD is the most popular pair for obvious reasons. Even in the crypto world, Bitcoin is starting to take that mantle with Ethereum running a distant second. In other words, they are the currencies people move into when exiting a position.

Bringing this back to our little corner of the world, we see a number of projects starting to excel. When the digital assets, whether a currency or NFT, are paired with HIVE, this only increases the activity conducted using the currency.

HIVE becomes a unit that everyone can agree upon. While there are, potentially, hundreds of other currencies operating, most are of no interest to anyone outside the few involved in those projects. HIVE is something that we all will accept as payment.

Until marketplaces become common on Hive, "buying" other currencies is one of only a few use cases for the token. Each day, people, via Hive-Engine, are swapping in and out of different tokens. While many are approaching it from a speculative point of view, we do see transactions taking place.

We also see many of the games accept HIVE as payment for the digital assets they are selling. This will likely spread to the different marketplaces where HIVE will be accepted along with the particular community's token.


They key is obviously growth and expansion. The more projects we see forming, the greater the need for HIVE. Naturally, not all projects are tokenizing their communities, at least not yet. That said, a number already have tokens that are being distributed across their user base.

Something interesting takes place in a situation like this. When things are growing and there are more projects being developed, people are aware that early adopters tends to benefit when success does arrive. For this reason, people tend to want to be prepared. On Hive, this means that people will start to hold HIVE. In the investing world, it is called "keeping some powder in the keg".

The Hive economy is centered around HIVE. It is the foundation upon which all else is built upon. With projects moving forward in an effort to grow, this will all be reflected in the use of HIVE. Simply put, the more activity, the better it is for HIVE.

Each project has the potential to also be its own economy. The way things are structured now, they act as subset of the larger HIVE economy. While there is the potential for a project to explode and even eclipse Hive in recognition, the fact that its currency is tied to HIVE means that this coin stands to benefit.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about using HIVE to invest in beer production. In my mind, this epitomizes the point here. HIVE is the currency that was desired by the other party. While it was a pass through on the way to being turned into fiat (EUR in this case), it was the currency is utilized for the transaction. The opportunity was presented based upon having HIVE.

In fact, now that I think about it, if I had EUR, it would not have been accepted. If that was the case, I would converted it to HIVE, sent it, and the other party does the reverse on the other end. Why would either of us want to deal with a bank wire or anything of that nature?

Of course, all that was for naught since I had liquid HIVE to send. Of late, I find myself keeping more HIVE liquid on Hive-Engine as compared to before. I would believe that I am not the only doing this. My reasoning is that there will be other opportunities that are worthy of partaking in.

In conclusion, the more activity that takes place on Hive, the more the token is needed. While we could see a lot of commercial activity done utilizing the other tokens on here, eventually, HIVE will be required.

This is the value of being the base pair for all other tokens.

In the end, it might be HIVE's most valuable function.

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Long live Hive 👍....we all are expecting to see hive as main operating currency and allow many function to operate...hope as many world economy is changing...we could might end up seeing hive as main currency

I picked up a max level Guild yesterday, for 1.2 million Dark energy crystals (DEC), which is a massive discount on the cost to build one (almost 3 million DEC), but I was only able to snap it up because I had the DEC available.
You can bet I'll be keeping a decent chunk on hand in future.

need any more players? I usually hit champion 3, sometimes 2 :-)

Actually a spot just opened up. Send a request to 'The Mosh Pit'.

The original owner left it Open, so when he withdrew his bots it quickly filled up with opportunists; so we're full at the moment, I'm afraid. I'll be posting some terms in a bit; I'd suggest there won't be any vacancies in this next season, but after that I expect a few seats will open up.

I would be very happy to join too as my current guild (SteemAce) is no longer active.

Same concept @mattclarke just different token. Being liquid, whatever the currency, is always a good position to be in.

It appears to have served you well with DEC.

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Solid muse here. Thanks for always penning insightful and inspiring blogs.

There's need to create more communities that would transact with HIVE and create more utility. I see HIVE as the common man's Bitcoin.

We must push the sub comminunity efforts to power real life and tangible products and services.

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The spread of communities could be huge.

We also could see a great deal more as gaming takes off.

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I find myself keeping more HIVE liquid on Hive-Engine as compared to before.

I second you. I find for minnows like me trading opportunities in tribe is much profitable then posting.

No transaction fees and high transaction speed make it ideal for business purpose.

For a long time I felt that the tribe tokens were a much better path for smaller accounts. It is easier to make in an impact in a community and amass some tokens. Then a portion of them can be redeemed for HIVE and powered up if so desired.

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May more projects arise and thus HIVE can be used more. Games are today the path that will have this growth in adhesion to HIVE. Whoever wants to play will have HIVE as an option.

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