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We often wonder what the future of Hive holds or what direction it will head in. This make sense since people like to plan. Of course, this is the path that centralized entities take.

Decentralized, or grassroot, movements tend to have minds of their own. Instead of a planned direction we see paths evolve as the different actors start to exert their influence. Success builds upon itself leading others to join the fun. Over time, many avenues are pursued, all springing from the core ideal.

The last few months is very telling about where Hive is heading. Although it looks like a hodgepodge of ideas, there is a consistent theme that I see forming.

Ultimately, Hive is going to be a financial epicenter for its users.

Being a part of the Web 3.0 transformation, rewards are obviously part of the equation. As we move away from the present structure, where the wealth generated from data, activity, and information is in the hands of a few, we will see more individuals around the world partaking. This will, in my opinion, really start to attack the income and wealth inequality issue so many discuss.

While in the early stages, we can already see how this is shaping up. Of course, the main aspect to this blockchain is the Proof-of-Brain concept and people being rewarded for their posting, commenting, and upvoting. From my perspective, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Here are a few examples of what is taking place on Hive. Please bear in mind, these are examples and the mention of them is not necessary as endorsement of the project.

Dcity is a game that is gaining a lot of popularity. I am seeing more posts by individuals detailing their progress. I have not partaken so I can't speak from experience but I did come across this article the other day.

Here we see @okean123 sold an entire city for 1,029 HIVE. At present pricing, this is worth roughly $250 USD. Naturally, the question is how much was put in?


We can see 400 HIVE in for 1,000 out. That is basically turning $100 into $250, a return that any investor would love to have. Of course, this individual also got the enjoyment out of the game while amassing this return.

The best part is this process can be repeated. It appears the player is ready to start on another city.

@hivebuilder is a new project on Hive that came over from Steem. There was an introduction post the other day announcing the arrival along with the details of the token.

The idea here is to have a token backed by HIVE which is then used for various activities to increase the value of the token. I won't go into all the details but it deals with the basic functionality of Hive along with some off-platform tokens.

Here is the full write up.

@khazrakh put together an article yesterday that details why he put $2,500 into the new space exploration game that is on Hive.

eXode just completed its pre-sale and is in alpha right now. This is a game that is generating some excitement on discord. Players are given a planet and have the opportunity to colonize it. Playing cards are used to provide the necessary items required to be successful.

Since these cards are NFTs, the ownership of them is clear. There is a marketplace that allows cards to be bought and sold. All transactions are posted to the blockchain. HIVE is also one of the tokens used to acquire the different cards.

Gaming assets hold great potential. If a game becomes more popular, the value of some of the rare assets can escalate. This is obviously part of the thinking of khazrakh.

As we can see from the detail of this account, the $2,500 is the total value at the end of the pre-sale. The money put in amounted to a little over $2,000.


Not a bad return especially considering the game has not even started yet.

Here is the article posted yesterday.

Gaming on Hive holds great potential. We just mentioned a couple yet there are others.

At the top of the list is Splinterlands, who joined Hive at the beginning of the month. There are many on that platform who bought cards that appreciated in value. People are also earning DEC as they play the game and go through the different tournaments.

@cryptobrewmaster is about to release the alpha version of their game. This is where people are able to set up virtual breweries and produce their own beer.

Holybread just made the jump from Steem and we are seeing a lot of updates as that team makes changes.

Here is a list of the games on Hive.


@spinvest is a project that started just about a year ago. This is an investment club that put out tokens for 1 HIVE apiece. The idea was to use the basics of the blockchain via leasing of HP to earn a consistent return. The profits from that were rolled into other alternatives while the community engaged in activity to help, proactively, generate a return.

Over that time, we saw the value of the token go from a price of 1.00 to the last published report of 1.83 HIVE. Bear in mind this is the value of the holdings, not what the token is trading for.

We see the numbers look different on Hive-Engine. The lowest ask is 3.40 while the highest bid is 2.10.


It also pays a weekly dividend.

Finally, there is @telokanda which is a newer token that seeks to use the proceeds from advertising to reward users. It is taking the idea of watching ads for pay and implementing it.

We see the click-for-pay model being used, one that is making Brave and the BAT so popular. This is a project that is located on Hive while tying into EOSIO smart contracts.


These are just a few of the projects that are already in operation on Hive. There are many more that I overlooked. However, the important point I wanted to make is the fact that these do not focus upon content creation or the reward pool. As they projects grow, both in stature and number, the opportunities will just keep expanding.

This is what leads me to believe that Hive will be a financial epicenter for its users. We are already seeing some marketplaces popping up which is giving people a way to utilize their tokens. It is all part of an evolving economy that is being created.

All individuals are able to partake. Over time, I would expect things to continue in a manner that provides greater incomes (and wealth) outside the HIVE token. Naturally, this will still be a central part of the ecosystem since it is the pair for most activity. However, the growth potential can take off exponentially as most projects achieve greater success.

I hope this article shows how this is forming already.

The best part is that people are engaging in activities they enjoy while earning. Thus, Hive is a fun financial epicenter.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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  ·  16 days ago (edited)

Thanks for another set of projects that I need to check out.

Anyway, I think that if you want to see HIVE being a financial epicenter we should really have this -

In short what @edicted is talking about in his post -> to be able to collateralize HIVE to obtain HBDs. Imagine paying for some stuff with HBDs you "borrowed" without the need of selling your HIVE (without selling your stake, the thing you don't want to lose) and then paying the debt back slowly, day by day, by curating good content, by helping people, by playing games, by making posts/videos, by developing new cool things and so on...everything on single, fast and scalable blockchain that is driven by the community.

My mind is blown by all the things we can do here.

Thanks for the comment @eirik.

@edicted has a lot of great ideas. He is a creative mind and looking to experiment with stuff. He is working on his coding which will enable him to try some of his ideas out on a bigger scale.

If you want your mind blown, I am putting together a post that shows the future is the combination of gaming and DeFi. Imagine being able to buy digital gaming assets and still own the money yet the development team is able to fund ongoing development costs to keep upgrading the game.

Or perhaps doing that with a lottery. You get a lottery ticket yet get to keep your dollar and still have a chance to win.

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You got me intrigued!

Gaming shall be the elephants of Hive blockchain, and the community is elephants owners) 🙂 @taskmaster4450

Hopefully, my stake in Crytobrewmaster is part of the elephant. 😁

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For sure) our idea is to make this token grow after we push everything up to Tier3 alpha)

Can't wait to announce the Soft launch there)

Also we going to support our major witness supporters with some specials later on)

It is always nice to get a cherry on top when giving Witness support.

Glad to do it.

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Getting in early is also a key here to get guaranteed returns.

That is true but if there are consistently new projects coming online, such as games, then we will have repeated early adopters, providing opportunity for everyone regardless of when the arrive here.

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Positive post buddy, many thanks. Let's see Hive go from strength to strength. We are here to stay, and just beginning, so the bull run this year and next should pull us up along with it.

I hope it gets the value it deserves as soon as possible...

Hive's future is very promising and I hope that we can all enjoy this as much as possible (because we are working - and at the same time, having fun - a lot for it).

Great article, we have a great future infront of us! Thanks for the mention :)!

Congrats on your success with DCity.

I look forward to you giving it another go and seeing what you create now.

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Real value being created here. Very impressed.

Gaming on Hive holds great potential

I agree ☝️

I agree what is written here, I truly believe in decentralisation of #Hive. We are in the same page how bullish I am on this community. The price of Hive will become parabolic for we are seeing the bottom for the price, in my opinion, I also made a post on my plan for onloading more #Hive tokens.

Decentralized, or grassroot, movements tend to have minds of their own. Instead of a planned direction we see paths evolve as the different actors start to exert their influence. Success builds upon itself leading others to join the fun. Over time, many avenues are pursued, all springing from the core ideal.

I cannot agree more here, decentralisation is just like a zombie that do not die but only keeps absorbing what it can take. Centralisation is really different story for it is a close source thus often this company goes bankrupt. Unlike, decentralisation, we want somebody spawn and do more better than us because we can absorb and can digest what value he has and implement it on our community code. For this I can safely conclude that #Hive cannot die.

Great post @taskmaster4450 as always. Good to have as enthusiatic as you are, cheers! 🍯

Awesome post! annnnd Thanks for mentioning our site 👊

When I bought bitcoin; I didn't know I was also buying bitcoin cash, bitcoin diamond, bitcoin SV, etc
I bought an Alpha Medusa card (Splinterlands) yesterday.
Only time will tell what else I bought.

There's a lot of activity that can potentially help propel the HIVE blockchain to even greater heights. The variations give people a choice of what they want and can do which will make it easier for people to get into it. Thanks for sharing @taskmaster4450.

Este artículo mantiene una excelente información que se le puede dar buen provecho. Voto + Reblogear
Éxitos! @taskmaster4450

You have made the right choice to choose @telokanda, we're on our early stage and we are still building an ecosystem that could interact with multiples chains through smart contract gateway.

Welcome aboard!

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp