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The Metamask sign up really simplifies things, that is what I like about it. People are not slammed by the idea of multiple keys and all that goes along with it. They can simply come in and operate like they do on any other social media site. Over time the rest can be learned.

As for the "leaders" it is vital to remember most of them are technical in nature, not marketers or even business oriented. Also, while they were in place for a while, it is a big move from the early days when it was Ned, Dan L, and Steemit Inc holding all the cards.

The next phase of Hive's evolution is to go from the 30-50 influencers we have now to 250. I believe this happens by creating other wealth centers via the other projects/tokens. From there, HP can be acquired which will change governance. This is something that few talk about but it is a necessary progression. Demand for HIVE will also come from the need to switch out the main actors since many will not want their wealth in the hands of those who are presently there.

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