Find out how much you spent on gas fees

2 months ago
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Came across this really cool site that you enter your Ethereum address and it will tell you how much you have spent on gas and what the value of that is today.

For example, if you use the example address 0xcdd6a2b9dd3e386c8cd4a7ada5cab2f1c561182d you can see the following:

Just go to the following address and replace the last part with your Ethereum address.

When I pull up my Gods Unchained account I can see I spent almost $12 in fees to buy packs over 55 transactions.

I haven't sold any cards yet so I am likely to spend far more selling cards than I did buying them as I have over 32,000 cards.

Right now those same transactions would cost me around $206 in fees.

If you want to find out about current transaction fees, check out

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