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@khaleelkazi has been working for a while now on a new front end (aka condenser) for his tribe LEO Finance. It was a pretty aggressive undertaking, but it is finished and is now the default front end for the LEO Finance tribe.

Hive Engine tribes like LEO Finance typically use a front end called Nitrous, this is a fork of condenser maintained by @eonwarped that uses the SCOTBot api to populate the site with Tribe related data rather than connect to Hive nodes (technically, it needs to connect to both as there is still Hive data it needs to gather).

@khaleelkazi decided it was in his best interest to build his own front end giving him complete control of the look and feel of his tribe. This is something I'd love to do personally for STEMGeeks but I just don't have the user base right now to justify such a project.

How is LEOFinance.io difference?

As of right now, there isn't a lot of differences. You can see some tweaks here and there but you will see a lot of similarities with condenser and even Peakd. From what I gather from @khaleelkazi, that will change though and in time and the differences will become greater.

One change you will notice is the front page of LEOFinance.io.

Popular posts take a large portion of the above the fold real estate. In the default view, trending is replaced by Popular. Although if you go to Explore you can still find the tradition trending page. Right now trending uses the same algorithm found on other tribes, but this can change and LEO can develop their own trending algorithm based on different metrics. @Peakd already started to experiment with this themselves with their own trending algorithms.

LEO Finance has their own promotion system so you can promote your posts inside of the community. This promotion system burns LEO tokens and does not act like a bid bot, no one but the community profits from promotion.

Another change you may notice is in the wallet. If you didn't know, LEO has their own Hive Engine Dex interface and you can see some traces of that in the wallet section of LEOFinance.io.

Here you can view and use your LEO balances and click on Hive to see and work with your Hive balances. All the core functionality like powering up, powering down, transfer, and savings are available.

If you click on Hive Engine you can see all your Hive Engine tokens as well with the ability to transfer or trade via the LEO Dex.

One thing I noticed on LEO Finance is how it handles loading of pages. Instead of partially loading content it will fade in and out as the page loads. If you have used a Tribe site powered by Nitrous there is a very frustrating bug that a page will partially load so a post will look like it is only a few sentences, then sometime later the post loads. This is a very frustrating and annoying experience, especially when looking for spam and abuse.

LEO Finance is one of the most successful Hive properties when it comes to ad revenue. By having their own front end, they have the ability to tailor and experiment with ads in a much more precise manor without the confines of Nitrous or the fees from Hive Engine.

I am looking forward to see the development of LEOFinance.io for my own personal reasons as a tribe owner, but also a member of the LEO and Hive community. I'm really impressed with @khaleelkazi's initiative and fearless drive.

I think LEO is a fantastic opportunity for onboarding users to Hive. Speaking of which, LEO Finance uses a customized integration with Hive Onboarding to streamline the onboarding experience. This is critical to reduce the friction of signing up new users.

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