I dumped my SteemHunt HUNT tokens and you can too!

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A few years ago when SteemHunt was announced they offered an airdrop where you can get HUNT tokens based on your Steem Power. I logged in and got the airdrop and sat on the token.

When Hive was announced, SteemHunt removed all HUNT tokens on original Steem Witnesses and anyone who supported Hive, stealing them directly from your wallet. At the time SteemHunt owned the wallet and they just introduced the Ethereum ERC20 where you can transfer from your SteemHunt wallet to Ethereum.

I never got around to doing this until after I found out they stole over 100,000 tokens from my account. I had a lot of Steem Power on other accounts and got the same airdrop, so I immediately started to move them to my own Ethereum wallet but there was a limit of 10,000 HUNT/day.

They have been sitting in my Ethereum wallets since the move to Hive and recently found out you can sell them on Uniswap.

@felander has a good post on how to do it, it is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

I managed to swap all the tokens I had to Eth, the price drops rapidly as you sell and you can only swap in 40K increments. Considering I never gave the token a thought in my mind, it turned out to be very profitable to sell them.

As far as I can see, you can't withdraw HUNT tokens from Steemhunt.com anymore, so this may only work if you have already moved your HUNT tokens to the ERC20 version.

This is not financial advice, and merely my experience.

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