Is LEO Hive's best dApp?

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I am sure by now you have heard about about the wLEO Hack that happened last week. A very unfortunate event with extremely poor timing. The events are still under investigation as to what happened and how.

I am not going to spend time dwelling on it, it sucks but the LEO Community is strong and has been showing good spirits as LEO bounces back. You can't knock a good thing down.

What is so great about LEO Finance?

Outside of #Hive, crypto is the most common interest among Hive users. We are all here because of crypto and most everyone has a lot of interest in it. If Hive is going to thrive, we need active and engaged niche communities. In a perfect world, we would have 1,000 communities like LEO Finance.

LEO Finance is a great onramp to Hive, onboarding users to Hive is the most important critical activity to Hive's success. In business I have always repeated the saying If you are not growing, you are dying. This is even more accurate for crypto projects and social media platforms.

LEO Finance has streamlined the onboarding process with help from Hive Onboarding and now even offers the ability to sign up via MetaMask.

Leo Branded Onboarding

LEO Price

LEO Finance's token price is one of the biggest reasons everyone is talking about LEO Finance right now. It is currently selling for more than 1 Hive and was approaching 2 Hive prior to the hack. Even after the hack the price has rebounded to near pre-hack levels.

LEO is usually in the top three tokens on Hive Engine for daily volume making it one of the most popular 2nd layer token on Hive Engine.

@khaleelkazi's vision

One of the things I love most about LEO Finance is @khaleelkazi drive and originality. LEO Finance is a Hive Engine Tribe run by @khaleelkazi. @khaleelkazi has continued to do what no one else is doing.

LEO was the source of multiple custom updates to the Nitrous interface Hive Engine Tribes use. Recently LEO has taken the leap of faith to developer their own custom front end giving them complete control of the user experience on This was an impressive achievement confirming @khaleelkazi's dedication on taking it to the next level.

LEO Finance Energy Levels

I have recently spent some time recently in the LEO Finance discord server and the energy is amazing. One user has almost $100,000 USD worth of LEO powered up and manually curating LEO Finance content. On Hive he would be considered an Orca but on LEO Finance he is a legitimate whale.

As a Tribe owner myself, I know how difficult it is to get people to be interested. LEO Finance not only has people interested, but they are passionate and they care about the state of the community. One of the things I did differently when I built STEMGeeks is to focus on keeping the community clean and on topic, something that is mainly handled by myself and official STEMGeeks curators. LEO Finance has a lot of users who taken it upon themselves to keep the community clean. Is it perfect? No. I frequently provide names to the team that are abusing LEO Finance, and they are quickly dealt with. The high price of LEO attracts more abuse, something Hive has always suffered with.

I really hope Hive can get to the point where we have hundreds of thriving communities like LEO Finance.

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