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I started playing @gerber's dCity game early on, I was still kind of late to the game as I didn't play for a couple of weeks after the announcement.

I recently sold my city through a private sale.

Did I make a profit?

Let's look and find out.

I made my first purchase of cards back in February. I spent 720 Steem over three days. While that's a lot, I was relatively low spend as I was only rank ~30. I quickly dropped to ~60 as I wasn't buying more cards with Steem outside of taking my SIM rewards and buying cards with them.

A few weeks ago I spent a bit more buying cards with Hive and spent a total of 1,496 Hive. My total investment is around
2,240 Hive.

dCity gave out weekly rewards then changed to daily, during this time I made about 623 Hive from February until today. I also earned around 235,000 SIM which is around 1,000 Hive at today's SIM price, but for most of the time it was even with buying cards with Hive so more like 1,175 Hive.

I put 99% of my daily SIM rewards back into my city by buying cards, a few weeks ago I sold my SIM for a few days on the market for a total of around 17,500 SIM which is only around 87 Hive. I spent about 50 Hive worth of SIM to unlock all technologies.

Using @rafalski very cool website, you can visualize my city's economy over the last month or so.

As you can see from the chart, I spent most of the SIM I earned on a daily basis.

The market value of my city was a slow climb between large purchases as I would get a handful of cards daily (1-4 daily depending on how far along I was). You can see the steep drop off when I sold my city.

At one point I purchased a few key cheap technologies that gave me a decent boost.

I made sure to keep my city balanced by avoiding any penalties for unemployment. Once I got my first social aid office, this was easy as it covered the 1-200 unemployed citizens fairly easily thus eliminating the penalty on income. I got 3-4 social aid offices over the life of my city and sold them.

I sold 620 Hive worth of cards on the local market over the course of my city. I spent about 38 Hive on those key cheap technologies I mentioned earlier above.

How much did I sell my city for?

I sold the city today, a day after my announcement I was selling for 3,000 Hive.

So how did I do?


2,240 Hive - Steem & Hive Card Purchases
37 Hive - Market Purchases
50 Hive - Technology Unlocks


3,000 Hive - City Sale
620 Hive - Market Sales
623 Hive - Daily Rewards
87 Hive - Direct SIM Sales

Net: +2,003 Hive

Not too shabby. I came out much better shape than Drug Wars. I think in the end, I lost around 800 Steem on Drug Wars when I finally gave up.

Obviously not financial advice, this is just a recount of my gaming experience and I got into the game almost 6 months ago.

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