I stand with Leo Finance

14 days ago
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Following Leo has been a wild ride for the past several weeks. Most of the ride has been amazingly good, with a little chaos in the recent days. I'm writing this to clarify my position that I stand with Leo Finance. The Leo team has done and continues to do amazing work. I have 100% faith the Leo team will sort out all the recent chaos and the Leo community will emerge stronger than ever. I would like to thank @khaleelkazi and the rest of the Leo team for their all their efforts.


I am not just saying kind words about Leo, but also putting my money where my mouth is. I have purchased a little more than 20K Leo since the recent Uniswap debacle and chose to power up all my liquid Leo to show my commitment to the community. I have enjoyed browsing many Leo Finance posts in the recent weeks, so I might as well start curating.

I used to curate on Steem, but eventually turned to autovoting and then delegating as I found those options more profitable. The flat curation curve Leo Finance recently switched to is a large part of why I will be manually curating again. It's great that a mere mortal like myself can now earn the same rewards as a bot. This is great for both mortals and the entire ecosystem. For more information about the new curation rewards system, check out this post. https://leofinance.io/hive-167922/@leofinance/leveling-the-playing-field-leo-is-switching-to-a-linear-curation-curve

The new rewards system is just one of the many great things Leo has going on. The Leo team's efforts to reach beyond the Hive community is what will bring Leo to greatness. This combined with the excellent tokenomics gives me complete confidence to invest in Leo. Again, I'm not just saying kind words but also putting my money where my mouth is.

Of course this is not financial advice and you should always do your due diligence before investing. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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