Mastering The Art Of Crypto-Assets Mindset

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(Hint: This article has a very, very important mindset lesson)

Last night I was boolin' with some college friends at a bar, it wasn't too late but we were chilling, shooting the shits.

And somehow they started talkin' about #cryptocurrency and making crypto-assets.

Actually, I know why, they all know I've got a flourishing steemit business and they think its "illegal" or they "don't understand it", but the subject came up and they started talking about how crypto-assets business changes you.

Then it came to me: How I've changed with crypto-assets blah blah blah, all this negative connotation towards # crypto wealth.

I kept quiet.

Because I value my relationship with crypto-assets.

If that sounds odd, lemme explain:

Think about your relationship with your girlfriend, or your mom...would you ever talk behind their backs and associate negative feelings with them?

I'd hope not.

The same goes for your relationship with crypto-assets.

This is actually something I learned freshman year of college after reading You're a badass at making money, which was a crazy book, soooo big on mindset. Here's the thing: When you value your relationship with somebody or something, you don't bring ANY negative thoughts, words, or actions into the universe regarding that somebody or something.

That's the key to the crypto-assets mindset.

Keep that in mind for a sec...

Back to the scene:

One of the girls there had been reading rich dad, poor dad by Kiyosaki and is getting super interested in personal finance...(might not be the only thing she's interested in, but we'll keep it PG), and honestly its awesome that she's getting into finance.

But...she's fugked.

She's fugked because she doesn't have the crypto-assets mindset. She believes cryptocurrency changes people for the worse and that I've changed drastically.

No shot she can get rich...until she changes her mindset that is.

So, I suggested her to get inside of steemit, and go hard inside the mindset factor. This blockchain platform will help you learn the ins and outs of the crypto-assets mindset and how to apply it to your crypto business.

A real-life superpower.

There's really three main components of the crypto-assets mindset.

You'll learn the exact mindset 'hacks' that come with starting as a red fish and building your steemit account. The keys I wish I would've known when I first started.

And here's the catch:

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Clock's ticking...

If you're done with your broken mindset, and looking to level up your life in 2020, head here:

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Till Tomorrow.

Trilston 💲

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