STEEM Pump is here... the DUMP is closer as well!!!

in LeoFinance •  2 months ago 

I guess people who is buying STEEM like crazy right now is just for powering-up HIVE because as a speculative move it is going to fail for sure!

Either is people who understand what decentralisation means or it is our old-friend @justinsunsteemit trying to get the more stake as possible in order to continue with his stupid plan...but I guess this time, @blocktrades, witnesses and other developers supporting the new chain will not allow him to overtake the new blockchain.

By my side, I am well prepared to receive HIVE already powered-up in my hive wallet.

Hive on!!!

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Can it be that exchanges need to proof STEEM ownership for their users to be able to get on Hive?

Good point.

ummmm... no, I don't think so... You should get HIVE on exchanges only if you have STEEM in the wallet exchange, that should be enough.

But, they need to be transparent about the STEEM in the user account, and if the total does not fit the STEEM available in the exchange wallet, it might be considered a crime in some countries.

Its a steem pump :)

and dump!!!

I wish it would last for two or three more months but I guess the dump will follow after the snapshot:)) When is Hive going live?

wtf? Just saw it! Huge Pump

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

we don't need our steem powered up to get hive correct? I thought I read that liquid and sbd will be honored

Yes, you are right. You will get each amount you have in your wallet.