Contest - Earn 1000 BRO (3,000 Hive's worth) Tokens !!!

4 months ago
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Think you are smart? Smart enough to win 1k BRO tokens, which are approximately worth 3 thousands hive? Then here's a cool contest still going that you probably haven't heard of:

Here's what the image reads in case it's not clearly visible:

ok guys. I've posted this competition in Neoxian City. For you guys also. Okay guys. Since the Man Cave is essentially Neoxian City south side I want to do my bit and spread the good fortune. I want to encourage some growth of Neoxag, as I always have done, because this is my favourite tribe by far. So, for the next person that comes along and builds something on here that: a) Utilizes neoxag in a way that incentivises users to hold/spend rather than dump and swap for hive b) Incentivises some form of growth and utility other than just writing posts. (and) c) Providing Mr Dragon agrees with it. Will earn themselves 1000 BRO (3,000 Hive's worth) & permanent Dragon status in the cave.

Got a cool idea? Then make sure to join the MANCAVE discord at and let Admiral Speaks know ;)

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