Delve into the deep with Imagination!

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Well, it's very exciting to me to launch my first imaginary Hive-Engine game. You're invited to start playing and mining Imagination. Today! All you need is imagination. And money. For me.

What's Imagination?
Imagination is an idle mining game. You purchase imaginary miners, and through various 100 % imaginary staking, mining, and burning activities you farm imaginary governance tokens to make your imaginary miners more powerful so you can capture the most imaginary output. The interaction on the imaginary website is quite simple: Buy, Stake, and Burn are your imaginary
actions. On the social side you're able to form imaginary alliances with people (real or imaginary!) to make your imaginary NFT miners more powerful.

Why play this?
For starters to make me rich.

But seriously. This is a simple imaginary game, it's a fun social experiment, the imaginary NFTs you buy are in limited edition and those NFTs constantly mine imaginary tokens which you can imaginary trade on Hive-Engine. Those tokens can either unlock additional imaginary NFTs or mine additional imaginary tokens when staked.

It's a great learning experience to figure out how concepts hashpower and mining work without necessarily having to spend $10k on a single ASIC or live with a loud blockchain space heater in your office. ALL YOU NEED IS IMAGINATION. AND MONEY. FOR ME.

What can I do with these imaginary tokens?
Remember, these tokens exist only in your imagination where there is LITERALLY NO FUCKING LIMIT with what you can do.

Just send me money in my wallet ( and imagine your hive engine getting filled with all those imaginary tokens that make you richer BY THE DAY. The more money you send me, the stronger your imagination will become. And the richer you will be (in your imagination)

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