I will make you a LEO Dolphin - See details inside

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This is pretty much me copying the dolphinization idea of @joshman who helps minnows become dolphins in HIVE. His belief is that a strong middle class can help hive grow and reach the sky and to an extent I think this is true.

Now, the user base of the LEO tribe is still quite small so I figured to start something similar here. I have under my control a really big stake and since the "competition" is much smaller, I think I can help someone reach dolphin status in less than a month, assuming they start from 0 leo power and make one leo post everyday.

@taskmaster4450 made some calculations recently, and you need approximately 650 leo staked to reach dolphinhood status. However, I will take this a step further and help you reach 1000 leo power. Remember, as we speak, leo has only 4 million tokens in circulation compared to hive which has almost 400 million!

How to apply

Just leave a comment here if you would like to participate! Make sure to read the rules below first


  • You have to bring value to leo. For me, value isn't necessarily a big post that takes hours and hours for the author to publish. Look at @beehivetrader posts for example. They aren't huge but he is consistently our no.1 source of traffic from twitter. He brings traffic, which in return means increased ad revenue, which means more leo coin burns, which means a better leo price.I am not saying you have to do the same of course. But you have to bring some value! Feel free to still apply even if you think you can't bring value but you are willing to put effort. We will figure out something :)
  • You must publish your posts through leofinance.io. See section at the end of this post for why.
  • You don't have to start from zero! If you already have some leo I will give you that extra push to level up faster if I decide to choose you!
  • You must share all your posts on twitter and the leofinance reddit. Optionally, other sites too like medium, publish0x and whatever else you can come up with. Also you must register to the posh initiative by @acidyo. If you don't have a twitter and/or reddit, it's ok. Just make one.
  • Not more than 1 post a day will be supported. I like to spread the love here on LEO, so don't be greedy!
  • You must power up all leo earnings till you reach the 1000 goal. Also you must promise me you will try to keep them powered up in the future regardless of LEO's price. What's the point of me helping you become a dolphin if you don't do the same for others in the future?
  • Don't apply if you already get good support from me and/or other leo whales. Again, dont be greedy.
  • Don't try to do anything shady (plagiarism, text spinning, etc)
  • I can change my mind whenever I want for whatever reason. E.g. because wife denied me morning sex.

Why I do this?

I won't pretend I am some generous saint or whatever. But I do enjoy helping others here on leo as I was a hive and leo pleb too once upon a time. So that's me giving back the generosity I have received all this time here.

But that's not only it. I also have a huge ass stake here on LEO. By creating passionate leo dolphins I help LEO appreciate in value. Hence, by helping you get rich I am getting richer too. Win win.

Why should you publish through leofinance and not some other cooler and sexier interface like peakd?

Many reasons, most of which are covered in this post. Yeah, I know the current interface doesn't let you choose the communities of your liking but be patient. In a week or so a new interface is coming out and you will get that option too :)

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